Friday, 30 November 2012

7th Birthday

So, how does a 7 year old spend her special birthday? We woke her up by singing happy birthday. It's the first time for months she's woken up quickly and with a smile on her face! Once she got downstairs she was just too excited to do anything but look at her presents. Zack still has his birthday fresh in his mind, so there was a lot of "Yay! Birday! My Birday!" but once we explained that it was actually Alexandra's birthday and they were her presents, he was very good. He decided to help by shoving presents at her and saying "open it".

Her birthday fell on a school day, but at this age, that's even more exciting because all of your friends and teachers KNOW it's your important day. She had time to open a few of her presents before we set off in the car to school. Normally she would catch the school bus, but it's sort of become a tradition that on her birthday we take her to school. Mr Bogert had a chiropractor appointment anyway, so he dropped us and went on to get his back fixed! We called in at the shop to buy chocolates for her classmates, and then she was off with her friends for the day.

After school we took her to Zizzi in Kenilworth for her birthday dinner (this has also become a sort of tradition since she began school and we can't take trips out during the actual day anymore). It had to be a restaurant that had lasagne and there was lasagne as we promised (we would have been in a awful lot of trouble otherwise!). We took a few presents for her to open there which she did in between eating. She was, as ususal, full of bubbles. She'd had a great day at school with her friends and playing with her new Merida doll that I crocheted for her.

The easy crochet pocket scarf went down well! 

She was excited to get some new lego (the lego friends sets) and played for a little while at the table while she waited for dessert. She asked for chocolate ice cream, and they brought it out with candles which was nice of them. I had the yummiest food: Strozzapreti Pesto Ross followed by Lemon tart. Yum!

Zack was hug fan of the dough sticks!

The very important lasagne.

I've included this photograph because you can see a wall hanging behind our table which is why the small person chose this table. It is layered fabrics and machine embroidery - Knights and Queens.

Alexandra's Movember!

It just so happens that this year her birthday coincided with the Warwick Victorian Evening, when they switch on their Christmas lights, have lots of stalls, some rides and other things. So after dinner, we set off there.

We have taken the Small Person here in the past, but the Smaller Person has never been. If you can make it to the event it's lovely. The streets are closed off to traffic, there are wonderful smells in the air like roast chestnuts, hog roast, candy floss, mulled wine etc. There's music from various corners including the live acts on stage, then there's the wonderful lights themselves, and it just feels so festive and friendly. We've never been this early in the evening before though and have to say, it was packed! I'll show you more in a later post.

I think it was the perfect way to end her birthday outing. It was way past their bedtime (but it is a one off) and so the Smaller Person fell sleep in the car. I lay him on the sofa when we came in, took his outside clothes of and covered him with  blanket, and then The Small Person opened the last of her presents. As soon as we mentioned cake and Mr Bogert was cutting slices, he woke right up with a big smile and said "Have cake?" How cute are these Small People?

Now we just have her Princess Party and then it's Christmas go! Go! Go!

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