Monday, 26 November 2012

Welcome Merryn!

Our friend's baby girl has arrived safely and almost bang on time. The blanket that I blogged in this post here now has the embroidered patch attached ready to go to it's new home.

Isn't Merryn a lovely and unusual name?

The Smaller Person's friend, Little Miss, is now a very important Big Sister, and so we didn't want to leave her out. I made a crochet Daisy Fairy doll, which we are sending to her with some white chocolate buttons and this 'Big Sister' felt rosette that I made just after I heard little Merryn had arrived.

I sketched out what I intended to do.

The main blue circle was embroidered first, using felt for Peppa's head, dress and the whites of her eyes. I have blanket stitched the edge of the felt pieces, apart from the eyes which are attached with black thread in a french knot. The mouth is a back stitch and the arms, legs and feet are chain stitched. The words are stitched in back stitched metallic pink thread.

I cut a wavy edged circle from bright pink and a strip the same colour felt for the ribbon ends. The strip was folded in half at an angle and placed under the pink wavy edged circle, with the blue embroidered circle on top of both. They're all stitched together with a back stitch in metallic pink thread around the edge of the blue circle (through all 3 layers). 

I opened a brooch pin and slipped it through 2 little slits (at each end of the pin) cut into a second blue circle the same size as the first. I stitched this in place with matching blue thread and closed the brooch pin. This second blue circle with the brooch pin attached was blanket stitched in place to cover the back of all the stitching. All finished and ready to go!

You can just about make out the small stitches where the brooch pin is held in place.
Little Miss seems to have quite a few Peppa Pig things, so I'm hoping she recognises Peppa  and likes the badge!

Congratulations to the whole family, and welcome little Merryn Grace-we look forward to getting to know you :)

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