Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Toddler Group Tuesday - Pudsey Ears

This week at toddler group we have been making Pudsey ears in honour of Children in Need this coming Friday. For those outside of the UK who may not be aware of this charity, it has raised millions for disadvantaged children since it began in the 1980s. Every year in November, the BBC run a telethon to raise more money and features many famous faces and one-off pieces of entertainment. This year, for instance, there is 'POP goes the Musical' which will feature Macy Gray, Stooshe, and Joe McElderry doing 'Thriller', Geri Halliwell doing 'Singing in the Rain, Amelia Lily doing 'Shrek the Musical', Blue doing 'Jersey Boys'  and Alexandra Burke doing 'Les Miserables'. Schools, workplaces and other groups across the country get involved with free fundraising packs to stage their own individual fundraisers across the country. You can see what the Small Person wore to school last year in aid of Children in Need, this year they are all going to school in their PJs (and she's very excited!). Pudsey Bear is the charity's mascot.

In the past we have made spotty dotty pictures by printing paint with different sized cotton reels and sponges. This teddy bear craft from a few weeks ago would also fit well with the theme, just change the collage materials to yellow and cut some bandages from paper or card to go across the one eye.

To make pudsey ears you will need:
- White card
- Yellow card
- Coloured dot stickers
- Glue
- Scissors
- Sticky tape
- Paint
- Small round items for stamping (we've used small cotton reels)

First cut some white card into a strip about 2" wide that is long enough to fit around the head. If you need to stick more than one strip together, do this with some sticky tape.
Cut 2 yellow arched shaped (longer than a semi-circle so you have enough card to overlap and stick) from the yellow card.
Stick each 'ear' that you have just cut to the inside of your white strip near the middle, with a 1"-2" gap inbetween. Use strips of sticky tape to secure.
Cut 2 smaller arched shapes from white card. Decorate them with the dot stickers. Glue these white arched shapes to the centre of your ears on the outside (right side) of your creation.

Print coloured paint dots all over the white head band with your chosen round stamps.

Once the paint and glue is dry, fit around the head for size and fix the ends with tape.
All done!

Here is the Smaller Person's version while we were waiting for the paint to dry :)

You can wear your pudsey ears whilst you watch the Children in Need coverage this Friday (16th Nov). There's still time to get fundraising to help out, or you could just help by donating.

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