Monday, 17 August 2009


I was probably asking too much to think I could make some cards and finish the crochet bag. Instead these are what I have to show....

Baby boy cards x2

I stamped onto 2 different colour blues with navy ink, then heat embossed with black sparkly powder. I coloured certain parts using some Sakura pens (souffle, glaze and glitter jelly roll). The I cut them out, mixed them around a little, stuck them down and hey presto!

One neutral baby card.
What was I thinking? 3 baby boy cards? Jumping the gun a bit. I have no idea what one of the babies is going to be! And I got to use the "little bundle" embossing plate again, which I love!

Today the little person and I have been cooking up some spooks. All 7 of Alexandra's halloween cards are ready for a late October delivery! It took a long time getting all the bits together because me (being a clever mummy) decided now was a good time to use not one but two of my alphabet dies on the big shot. Times 7. Yeah, fiddly.

Anyway, ready to go. Paint splodges come first, followed by mummy making glue swirls and Alex throwing as much glitter over the card and herself as is humanly possible. Then my little card desinger sticks her felt ghosts and paper labels on (little help from mummy to keep the words in the right order and the right way up) and finally. Beady eyes and heart sequin lips. 2 ghosts did get googly eyes, but we only had 2 sets small enough to use. The others were bigger than the ghosts head! Task complete, crafty girl happy, Mummy learnt valuable lesson = sizzix alphabet dies are cool but not to be used on a run of items :S

I know there are a few people who read this blog who will be recieving a card, but I figured we're so far away from Halloween, you might forget by then!

This afternoon I must make Rob a card. He'll think I don't care.

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