Sunday, 16 August 2009

Sleepy Sundays and sunshine

I love Sundays, don't you? They're the most laid back day of the week, and in my case it's the only day where we're all at home all day, so we call it family day. It's also my lie in day which Rob allows me so that I can catch up on sleep from my early start work days (when I should really just make sure I go to bed early enough on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night, but get carried away with other things).

Today I made a belated house warming card inspired by Dorothy from Kansas "There's no place like home, there's no place like home....."

An old friend of ours moved into a house down the street about 2 weekes ago. I was thinking just give her a few days to settle, then the wedding came and other things took over. Today was late enough I decided. We also took her a house plant and chocolates. Just what every girl needs for their new home :)

We dropped them round on our way out for a walk in the sunshine. The really nice kind of sunshine. (You know the type where it's warm and everything looks and feels sunny and happy, but you're not blinded by light or melting into a puddle on the floor?) We stopped by the village shop to get drinks, went to the park and bought an ice cream from the ice cream van, then we walked down to the pub/hotel at the bottom of the village to check if their christmas dinner booking forms were out yet (we booked this time last year), but they weren't so we just had a drink out on the terrace overlooking the river. Relaxing and peaceful (apart from the singing 3 year old sitting at our table).

We walked back via the churchyard, and now here we are being lazy and sleepy around the house. The small person is watching a cartoon, Bogert is editing photos from the wedding in a slouched position, and I'm waiting for dinner to finish cooking because I'm starving. Then I have plans.

I have crafty plans. I actually have a very long crafty to do list:

  • recover the toddler group chairs for when we go back in September

  • make a wedding card for wedding next month

  • finish the hen weekend scrapbook before the wedding next month

  • make alex's bedroom curtains preferably before autumn arrives

  • make alex's new bed spread and pillowcase to go with the new curtains

  • make alex's party invitations because once the birthday is sorted, I can move onto to Christmas thoughts. And the party's pirates! What's not to love :D

  • plan the craft for todler group for Sept to Dec because I'll regret it if I don't do it before we go back

  • make a wedding anniversary card for bogert (it's 2 years on Tuesday)

  • make Alex's halloween costume for when we go to Euro Disney (October - Mickey's not so spooky halloween party) we're thinking Disney villain. "Mwah ha ha ha!"

  • make Alex's pirate costume for her birthday. Again, pirates, how cool is that?

  • make Alex's trick or treat costume for halloween. She wants to be a mummy. We had to clarify she meant one in bandages and not one who cooks dinner. You never know with her.

  • make 7 birthday cards to cover us in the run up until xmas, after all, Alex is way ahead of me!

  • make 3 baby boy cards all due before christmas (or just after in one case)
I think that's everything (not including christmas and halloween craft). Tons to do, but my crafty plans for this evening extend as far as finishing another crochet bag (and maybe doing the cards I mentioned 'cos I get to use my new crafty stash!).

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  1. omg! i am such a wizard of oz lover! that card makes me swoon!

    p.s. how do you get your link buttons on the side? I can't figure it out, i'm getting quite frustrated! i've gt a craft blog thing like yours and an etsy button...but HOW?!