Wednesday, 19 August 2009

What did we get up to?

Now I've bored you to tears with my wedding album, I'll fill you in on yesterdays events.

I've been wanting to visit Cannock Chase after seeing this post on Cloudhopping's blog. So that's where family Newman spent a big chunk of the day yesterday. We had something to eat at the cafe for lunch, but if anyone else feels like visiting here, I would recommend a picnic of some kind. It was a bit pricey and really wasn't that good.

We stopped off at the play area, which I think is a really good one. I didn't even know it was there. Alex thought it was great and there were plenty of things she could go on even though she's only 3.

We walked the sculpture trail. Some items displayed I just didn't like or get (but that's personal preference, and I've always been a bit funny about "modern art" even coming from an art and design background). Other things I loved like the 3 bears chairs and the tortoise and the hare. The one thing I really wanted to see were the fairy houses!

We all really enjoyed walking around in the sunshine and spending time together. Alot of the sculptures are interactive. You could touch, feel, sit on or play them. The small person loved having the freedom to run around, and we felt we could give her that bit of extra space because she was safe (no cars, we could see her in the open space, and there weren't too many other people around for Alex to bother!).

On our way round, Alexandra made a new friend. His name is apparently "Kittypar".

We were going to stop at the play area on the way back again, but wanted to check little miss didn't need the toilet first. She was so determined to get into the play area, she just wasn't hearing us. She has a very short attention span, and you can actually see her eyes glazing over as you're talking to her. Rob stopped her, turned her to face him and got her to look him. Gently. (this is how we get her to focus). As he was talking to her very calm but seriously she was concentrating so hard on looking at Rob's face, she started to go cross eyed! I couldn't stop laughing and had to turn away. Then Alex started laughing, and the whole thing was just futile. Bad mummy.

We stopped at Melbicks garden centre on the way back. We ran around the sheds, summer houses and wendy houses, then had a good look at all the gifts and toys. They were selling off some old xmas decoration so we bought Alex a pink marabou covered bauble and some pink tinsel for her bedroom. I wanted the giant gold baubles, but Mr Bogert wasn't so keen :( Alex and Rob went to look at the animals and fish whilst I spent time in the craft section. I was hoping for some piratey or high seas inspiration for Alex's invitations, but no such luck so I just came away with a MIC blue paper pack and some white feathers that made me think of mini writing quills.

Fed the small person, left her to be put to bed by the grandparents and took a lovely evening stroll down to the hotel/bar/resteraunt at the bottom of the village. We both had steak dinner followed by a sharing platter of 3 different types of chocolate dessert. Mmmmm, yummy! Rob ended up with most of his around his face :D Then we took our drinks out to the terrace by the river (where we were the other day) and sat there having "grown up chat." This consisted of what we'd do if we won the lottery, the long list of places we want to visit and what we want to see/do when we get there, Rob's dream of reliving Home Alone 2 for himself, and what we'd do if we got to see Santa at Lapland. All very important topics for discussion.

And look! My lovely husband raided my craft stash and made me a card. He often does this now 'cos he knows I appreciate it more. And look at my gift!

Now that's a man that knows, loves and understands his wife. Not only are there 14 different sized crochet hooks here, but they're in rainbow colours!

I will resume normal crafty programming tomorrow ;)

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