Thursday, 13 August 2009


All my birthdays have come at once thanks to a very generous lady! She's actually one of Rob's photography friends and as she now has so much camera equipment with her new hobby/love, was looking for a loving home for some craft stuff she had from her card making. She thought of me and brought it round today (after I literally snapped her hand off when asked if I was interested). Nothing she mentioned in her messages prepared me for what has arrived. Eeeek!

Stamps, inks, papers, card, pre-scored cards and envelopes, ribbons, embossing powders, sticky pads, shrink plastic and tons more. Most exciting of all? A big shot and a huge case full of dies including 2 large alphabets and one small! How kind is this new friend! I'm completely overwhelmed and super excited! I just want to use everything! Now! All at once!

I'll try and snap some pictures tomorrow so you can see just what a huge yummy mass of craftiness it is!

Now, babies. Lots of them. Everyone seems to be having babies or planning on making babies. There was the lovely little boy born just a month ago that I sent the blanket to, there are 3 more little people on the way before Christmas, 2 of which are definitely boys, and our neighbours just had a little boy at the start of this week. We still don't know what they've named him, but I popped out to buy a little gift today after work. So this is what I've been up to this evening (apart from looking at all my goodies and letting out the occasional sigh).

I've just finished making this little card. (This is one of the card blanks that arrived with the lovely lady. I even got to use one of my new embossing dies "Little bundle" and the big shot!), so the light wasn't good for the picture, but just wanted to share :)

Tomorrow I'd like to try and make a brooch/badge/rosette of some kind for the new baby's big sister who's really been looking forward to his arrival!

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  1. i am drooling at the thought of so many free crafty things! that is amazing!
    i really like the card, i love sewing on paper too.