Wednesday, 19 August 2009

A little more wedding indulgence

Back 2 years in time to our own wedding this time. We were married at St James' Church in Styvechale, with a reception at the Courthouse, Coombe Abbey afterwards. Our perfect day (where many things went wrong)....

My Mr Bogert

My lovely bridesmaids and Mum. L-R ~ Stephanie, my sister, Amy, my Maid of Honour and my cousin, Lisa, my best friends all through school and part of the reason I ever met Rob, Simone, my best friend after I left school, and we were almost step sisters once! My Mum, Annette and at the front, our lovely little small person who was not quite 2 at the time.

My Cousin Amy and Alexandra. I made 2 of the bridesmaid dresses and Alex's. My Nan (who's in her 80's) made my cousins dress, my wedding dress, and one of the other bridesmaid dresses.

Our little Boodle and Geoff the Giraffe (instead of flowers)

Me and Pops

The lovely guys. L-R ~ Lawrence Molloy, a university friend always described as the most lovely person you could ever meet, Matthew Weller, a school friend of mine (since we were 7) who Rob claimed as a friend (as he has with so many of my friends), Anthony Jones, Rob's best man and also the other part of how Rob and I met, David and Mark Newman, 2 of Rob's cousins.

My Beautiful dress

  • It rained
  • the suit hire company forget the extra top hat we'd hired in memory of Rob's dad and we had to send one of the ushers after it
  • I spent most of the day fighting with my veil and the wind
  • the organist played the wrong processional music
  • Alex cried, ran around and screamed the entire service until my sister had to take her outside (and miss our vows)
  • one of us (can't remember which) got some of our words muddled
  • Rob gave me the wrong hand for his ring
  • we signed the register entry for the wedding following ours
  • the reception venue used the wrong table decor, lost our background music until after we returned from honeymoon, and broke my sister's thank you gift and lost one of the others
  • there was a taxi strike in Coventry that day which meant that our guests were late getting back for the evening reception and about an hour late leaving at night
  • the air conditioning broke during dinner and we were all roasting
  • I hooked my hair on a light fitting during dinner and nearly yanked it out. Idiot.
  • our first dance was late because some of the taxi delayed guests were bringing the CD
  • the DJ played everything we asked him not to, a nothing that we'd requested (and he looked like a bum)
  • we had to do the first dance song twice because the videographer missed it the first time
  • the hotel gave out wedding cake in boxes that were supposed to be set aside for those that couldn't make it (so they didn't get any in the end)
  • there were building works right outside the reception room and across half the car park (so a few guests turned around a left when they arrived because they couldn't park)
  • and finally, some people in our wedding party thought it would be great to decorate our room with loo roll. Not very funny when it's 1 am, the key card to your door has been cancelled because of the mess by the hotel and you have a small sleeping child with you.
But I had a lovely day that makes me smile when I think back at look at the pictures. And don't I have a more interesting story to tell with all the hiccups?

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