Thursday, 27 August 2009

From my mothers mother...... my mother, from her to me and now from me to my daughter. What am I talking about? Learning to sew of course! OK, we're not using fabrics, but using a large eyed needle, a pierced piece of card and a strand of yarn, the small person has been learning the basics of a running stitch.

Considering she's not 4 yet, I think she did very well, and the best bit was how proud she was of herself learning to do what mummy does every day.

Tulip, Princess crown and Heart (that ones for Daddy)

I've been sorting through endless photos for the hen weekend book and have got most of the other bits and pieces off the other girls now. Not sure how much chance I stand getting it ready before the wedding, but fingers crossed, touch wood and all that jazz.

I've got around to making a few more of those crochet bows and playing around with size (although I still love the oversize one!) and I've also made 3 cards.

Top to Bottom ~ Grandad's birthday card (which didn't turn out exactly how I wanted, so I'm not too happy with it), Wedding card for our friends getting married a week on Friday, New home card for friends that move on the 1st of next month (to get it ready for baby number 2 due December).

Other than that I'm trying to get the fairy costume finished that's a gift for christmas. I ended up buying more elastic. The magical disappearing elastic never resurfaced (but I'm sure it will when I've lost something else I desperately need and elastic is not required on any current project). I just have the top to finish and then atach the 2 pieces together.

I'm also feeling very happy because I have actually bought some of my christmas gifts! Yay! Now I feel like I'm getting some where. I have my sister's, my godson's and my nephew's gifts. I bought my sister in law's birthday present today aswell, and my sister's birthday present last week.

As soon as we hit November that's it. I don't stand a chance. It's my mother in law's, sister in law's, mum's, dad's partner's and small person's birthdays all in that month, and it's our official anniversary (we celebrate the date we got togther more than our actual wedding anniversary, and this year it's 10 years!). Then suddenly Christmas is upon us and I'm running around like a headless chicken wondering where it all went wrong. Every year I say I'll be more organised, this year I'm trying hard.


  1. thanks for the blog comment. Speaking of productive, look at YOU!! halloween and christmas stuff! prepared! I love that stitching your daughter did, I can't wait to do crafts like that with my girl.

  2. Clever clogs! Like mother like daughter!