Monday, 3 August 2009

Today I have mostly been....

...Making my dress for the wedding this Saturday. I've got on quite well with it today, and I know it will definately be finished in time. I may even get it finished tomorrow. I need to get my nan to pin the bodice whilst it's on me, so I get a nice snug fit, so I'll do that when I take Alex there for lunch tomorrow.

The groom of said wedding has popped over tonight to finalise photo details. He's got to that point where he just wants to get on with it and it be finished. Poor guy. He's also dreading the first dance. It'll all be lovely on the day and he'll have a great time.

I was trying to explain to Alexandra (again) what's going to happen at the weekend. She was bridesmaid for us, but was too young to remember. When I told her everyone would be dressed up and there'd be "princesses" she wanted to know if she could wear her Lilo dress. I think the bride may object.

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