Monday, 2 November 2009

Halloween that was

I hope you all had a spooky Halloween! We had great fun at the Wishes household, but were so short on remaining time that I couldn't post until now. Sorry folks :)
The small person really enjoyed dressing up as a mummy and happily posed for photographs at various houses. I used 7 bandages in all and I thought it was more interesting to give her pigtails and a hair bow (yes, my crochet hair bows). She's already put in her order for next year. A ghost. It's not very imaginative, but I can work with that!

In our village we only call at the houses that display decorations of some sort so that you know they are happy to take part. That way you don't offend anyone, the kids don't get turned away from any doors or ignored and everyone is happy. We were so pleased to see new houses joining in this year! Hopefully it will become even more popular next year. I even found out last years toddler group craft items to use for decor at our house. These were the bungee bats we made

and these were the pumpkin masks (and we made them again this year.)

We carved 3 pumpkins. Winnie the pooh, Tigger and Eeyore and then put out our usual lights and decs. I carved an extra pumpkin for my nan and grandad too, and they bought some extra bits and pieces this year like a bat and broomstick.

After all the trick or treating we visited a party in our street, so we had plenty of halloween fun. How did you spend your halloween?
Sunday was no rest for the wicked either. Mr Bogert had a wedding show, so the small person got packed off to Grandad's (where she had far more fun than she would have with us) and we went off to the venue. I spent most of my time alone on the stand as Mr Bogert was "networking". Apparantly. I call it gossiping, but there you go. I enjoyed the day because there were some lovely people there, but the weather was bad and the advertising hadn't been great, so there were very few brides came through the door. We're not expecting any bookings from this one. I did get a free ring clean from the jeweller, free lunch paid for by Mr Bogert, and a free cake from the cake lady though :)

Tomorrow is Mr Bogert's mum's birthday, but as he's working tomorrow day and at a photo shoot tomorrow night, we're going to visit this evening. I can't wait to see her reaction to the mug Alexandra painted for her :D I've just finished making her a card too, but I'm not at all happy with it. I haven't got time for a do over. I'll only show it to you if you promise not to laugh.

It's not exactly the look I was going for :(

Tomorrow is a new day and halloween has been and gone. Now we have bonfire night to look forward to, so we're making toilet roll middle rockets at toddler group tomorrow, then we've got the village bonfire this coming Saturday. I love the bonfire and hot dogs and burgers :D

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