Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Arghhhhhh! It's nearly here!

Panic! Panic! Panic!

Today is Wednesday (of which there is very little of the day left) that only leaves me Thursday and Friday to finish getting everything ready for the small person's birthday party! Eeeek! Goody bags are ready to go, balloons are ordered, streamers are bought, hall and entertainment are hired. I still however need to make a banner (it's kind of a tradition. I make one every party to match the theme), make the bunting, bake and decorate and cake (which will have to be Friday night along with all the other food - sandwiches, chicken nuggets, cocktail sausages, pizza. You know, all the healthy stuff) and come up with 3 pirate costume for me, Mr Bogert and the small person. I have random ideas flying around my head, but I think my brain may be malfunctioning under the pressure and I can't seem to reign the ideas in to make sense of what they're trying to tell me. And I'm in work as usual tomorrow and Friday. (thank goodness I'm off Saturday)

Oh, and I need to finish that fairy costume because it needs to be wrapped and ready to go for Saturday because the little fairy in question is coming from Norwich and we wont be seeing her again until after Christmas.

So what on Earth am I doing on here?! No idea, must be mad. To keep you going, here's some pics of the small person's dolls house.


  1. Mr Bogert's got his eyes on it I'm afraid. He's now depressed by the fact that our house isn't as big as this and would like a bedroom the same size as the mummy and daddy mouse! (To scale, obviously!)