Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Fancy Dress 2009

Our fancy dress costumes were actually ready on time. In fact I might even go as far as to say, they were ready earlier than any other year! For seven years now we have been meeting up on the last Saturday before Christmas with a whole bunch of friends in fany dress to go on a pub crawl. It is the mark that Chritmas has indeed arrived. You get more credit if you make your own costume (obviously) and everyone tried to avoid repeating past costumes.

Mr Bogert went as Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat (but didn't decide this until Thursday evening), using a black all in one from a previous costume and his dive boots and camping glove liners :) I ran up the blue tabbard and belt quickly with a bit of cheap polycottom from the market, and Mr Bogert made his shin guards from more fabric glue to corrugated card, and his face mask from an actual face mask he uses (or is supposed to use) when he's cutting things like MDF, with a bit more fabric glued to it. He doesn't do sewing, but he does like glue and nails and things.

My costume was made from some fabric found at the Range (love that shop!) which I ran up into a wrap using my dressing gown as a "template", with a belt made from a length of left over balck fabric wrapped around (and around and around...) and a few metres of gold wide ribbon over the top. I used one of my own black skirts.

My hair was surprisingly easy. I just tied it in a very high ponytail, wraped it over my hand in a loop and used some kirby grips to fix it in place. Lots of hair spray later (more than I think I actually needed) I poked some sticks through my hair that I tied cushion tassles to the end of. voila! (almost) instant geisha!

The make up was the most fun. I have to admit though my face felt very tight. I don't think I've worn that much make up since I was an experimental teenager!

We had a great time. Here's a few other costumes from the night.
A Thunderbird, Meg from Family Guy, Minnie Mouse, Snow Woman, Spongebob, Juliet, Mary Poppins, Geisha and The Joker

Montgomery III in his portrait, but his Snow Woman wife seems to have crawled into his space too :)

Potato salad Heather as Minnie Mouse (complete with yellow heels!)

The Boy as Rimmer from Red Dwarf

Spongebob Squarepants

Zoidberg from Futurama

And it snowed while we were out! Yay! Come on White Christmas! We've been waiting a very long time :)

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  1. I loved the photo of you in the Sponge Bob fancy dress and would like to use it on my website as a means of illustrating a point about boxy jackets.
    I know people take other people's photos on the internet all of the time without asking but I would not want to do that without your permission, particularly as it is used in a slightly negative light.
    I have posted it temporarily. Please take a look at the site and tell me if that is ok. If not, I will take it down immediately.