Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Christmas countdown

It's getting closer and closer to my absolute favourite time of year, and jobs are slowly getting finished and things are coming to an end for the year, yet I still seem to have so much to do. Being a grown up and having "things" to do sucks a huge amount of fun out of the christmas anticipation.

Mr Bogert has finished work until Januray 6th (Yay!) so it's nice having him at home. He's even cooking dinner tomorrow! (This normaly only happens on Saturdays whne he makes curry, but tomorrow he's volunteered and aparantly roast pork is the menu :D).

We had our last camera club session last night where we discussed white balance. As usual we left it until the last minute to do our assignment from last time (which is pretty bad considering Mr Bogert runs the sessions and I'm suposed to be his tea lady/helper/general dogsbody). So darkness fell and we found oursleves 2 hours before the session is due to run taking photos of light trails over the A46 (or was A45? I'm terrible with roads and places!).

We had mulled wine (made by Mr Bogert) and mince pies and chocolate log, and we took pictures of christmas trees and lights. Very festive. So, anyway, that's another thing completed until the new year.

Today was the last day of term for toddler group, and as Mr Bogert made the msitake of being on holiday from work, he became one of my volunteers. We always have a little tea party for the kids on the last day of term before christmas, with christmas music and mince pies and chocolate log for the mums and other carers. I managed to get the final presents for the kids on Sunday, so they were all wrapped an labelled. I had loads of fun giving them out because the kids looked so happy (and it was a releif not to have to store them any longer!) although several were far more interested in the mini selection box than the actual gift! Another thing done until new year. It feels good to finish things :)
I got to play Santa!

You may remember that I mentioned the small person had been feeling unwell? Well she went to the doctors with her Daddy, and it turns out it was a chest infection made worse by the fact that she has asthma. Poor thing, so now she has to have an inhaler which she really hates witha a passion. But she is getting used to it. As soon as I get chance I'm going to make a nice little bag for her to keep it in (as she'll have to take it with her to nursery and other places). Bright side is, she's now much better and back to her monkey-like self.

Another things checked off our list is our trip to see Santa. We always take the small person to the same garden centre every year to see Santa because they do it so nicely. You follow the brightly coloured triangles on the floor through the garden centre to get to Santa's grotto. Then you walk through a winter wonderland (which is in a heated marquee outside) into Santa's living room where he has a fireplace, a christmas tree, bean bags for the kids to sit on and he sits in an armchair himself. They see the kids through at about 3 at a time, but they don't rush you. Santa chats away for quite a while to each child and will pose for photos as you want, then he sends you through another door into his toy workshop whre you can exchange your voucher for any toy on the shelves. Part of the tradition is we always take Grandma with us. (my nan)

After we browsed all the gift shelves and craft section (obviously!) and also the christmas decoration section. Oh if I were rich I would blow a bundle of cash on the decorations alone! Then we sit in the cafe for a drink and cake before the samll person drags us to the pet section to show us "Nemo" and "Dory".

Now crafty wise I have much to do. I need to finish the mini bunting so that it can go on Alexandra's tree (she has a mini white tree in her bedroom. I did say we were Christmas mad in the Wishes house, didn't I?) I need to finish her scarf, or it will be summer by the time it's ready to wear, I still have the other snuggies to make (another 3, but they are quick) and then I have a couple of other little things I'd like to make that I wont mention just yet, just in case of nosey parkers :D
Mini Christmas bunting in progress

I did also make this.

What is it? It's a jumper for my phone. Well, actually, it was a practice bit of kintting I did to try and remind myself how to cable (remember, I'm a crochet girl. I can knit, but it's very slow going and not incredibly polished), then I was so pleased I hadn't messed it up, I wanted to use it, and it was too small for most things. So here it is. A cabled jumper for my phone, and he's toasty warm.

Ooo! And I've joined UK Handmade. I have been a busy girl, haven't I?

That thing that was getting to me a while back still isn't resolved, but I've grown used to the thought of it being there in the back of my mind, so I'll just carry on regardless. Completely unrelated to that, I may have some news which made me far more smiley than usual, but You'll just have to wait and see.......... :D

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