Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The crafts of Christmas past

I did so much whittering on in the last post I forgot to post pictures of some of the crafts I was talking about, so here's some (not very well lit) photos of Christmas crafts from several earlier years.

Here is Mr Bogert's treasured (and large) advent calendar that hooks over our living room door. It is made from and old curtain and lots of felt and embroidery floss. Santa is attatched to the top of the calendar by a length of plaited embroidery floss and moves to each pocket as a new day comes and the chocolate is taken out. That way we get to see just how close Santa really is!

This elf is actually one of four door hangers, but as we're in the midst of major DIY I'm rather short om door handles to hang them all! He's also made of felt and fabric scraps. The other door hangers are Santa, a snowman and an angel.

This is Mr Bogert's giant stocking made from a bath towel (or 2!) and trimmed with all sorts of oddities I found lying around and in bags and boxes. Buttons, fabric scraps, ribbons,sequins, a christmas tea towel, felt and even a sock!

The following piccies are a selection of our Christmas day visitors stockings. The one above is my Dad's and his partners. Karen's is a newer one made for last year, and had I had time to re make all of the stockings as I'd wanted, they would all be in the same style as this one. I even got as far as asking everyone what their favourite Disney character is.

These 2 are for the mums. The Candy cane is my mums, and the star is Mr Bogert's mums. It's a good marker of how old these are by looking at the fabric. The Terracotta fabric was left over from the first curtains we had in our last house. We've since then had a different set of curtains and got rid of those too in favour of wooden blinds :)

These 2 are my Nan and Grandad's and a closer up deatil of both of them. Santa and an Angel :)
Looking back over our stockings, sometimes it's a little sad as every now and then we "retire" a stocking. Either because that person is no longer with us, or just because times have changed and we don't see them for Christmas anymore.

Not a Christmas craft I now, but I thought as I was photo sharing, I'd show you my pirate bunting a little closer up. Not great light for the colours, but with the pictures from the previous post and these, you should have the idea.

The small person putting one of her birthday gifts to good use and making some lovely necklaces from painted wooden beads.

And here's the one she made especially for me to wear for all of the Christmas season.

Finally, the last toddler group craft of 2009. Ta da! We made tissue paper wreaths. I cut 2 " wide rings from card and the kids glued scrunched green tissue paper to themand added a bow at the bottom. You could also add berries made from tissue paper or from some tiny beads or craft pom poms. I can remember making one of these when I was a kid, but It was on a much larger scale, to the point where I ran out of tissue paper :(

What treasures of christmasses past do you still have every year?

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