Sunday, 27 December 2009

So, how was yours?

I've just got enough time to pop on here and say hi whilst my party food is cooking in the oven, Mr Bogert is catching up on some much needed sleep and the small person is watching one of her new Disney DVD's.

So, Christmas? How was it for you? I have to say, for me at least, this Christmas went more smoothly than any in the past, but it also went an awful lot quicker. We always open our stocking in bed (Alexandra brings hers into our bedroom) then we go downstairs, check to see if Santa ate his snack, and left his magic key (we don't have a chimney) for us to look after until next year on the tree, and he someties remembers to leave us some chocolates on the tree too. We only open presents after breakfast which is ALWAYS waffles and maple syrup, then we just open presents from each other and people we wont be seeing later in the day. We worried we hadn't got much for the small person (why do we always worry about little things like that?!) but there was no need, I think perhaps she had too much.

I've had lovely clothes and smellies, some little things I wanted for the kitchen, too much chocolate for one person to eat in a year and some new books. I really wanted to try the Agatha Raisin series by MC Beaton, so I have 3 of those to read. I also got something I've wanted for ages, Anne of Green Gables on DVD! Yay! I used to watch it every Christmas with my mum and my nan, and then they stopped putting it on telly :( I already have the second part where they're adults at war, but I still wanted the bit where she was younger and tried to dye her hair black like her friend :D

All the handmade gifts were well recieved which has given me more confidence to perhaps make more of the gifts next year. (I always have this nagging feeling like my gifts look a bit naff when I'm done, but so long as I'm the only one that thinks that, I can live with it!). My Mum didn't even realise the roll was handmade, she thought I'd bought it with the hooks (Who's have thought I could look that professional!) and all 4 snuggies are much loved and already being used plenty. Nan did have one complaint though. As she was sitting watching telly at home on Christmas night, she felt something stabbing her. In my hurry to get all my gifts done, I'd left 2 pins in the armhole! Sorry Nan :) I did ofcourse ask if I can have the pins back, because I'm very short on them!

The only bad thing to happen so far is since Christmas eve I've developed a very anoying couhg which I can't get rid of. Mr Bogert gone to get me some "cough be gone", which will be whatever grown up medicine he can find on the shelves at the supermarket.

Yesterday I managed to complete an entire mystery game on the PC (another gift) in between cooking dinner. I only cook a Christmas dinner on boxing day. Christmas Eve we go out, Christmas day we go out with Mr Bogert's mum and Sister, and Christmas tea everyone comes to us and we just do a buffet. We called in on my family after a very late dinner (in which I'd slightly burnt the roasties - which in this house is a sin - because I was distracted by my game. Ooops!) and then we went over to Mr Bogert's mum's house to play board games with her and Mr Bogert's sister. We do this every year. We played giant snakes and ladders (for the small person) and are you smarter then a 10 year old (bought for us by my brother) which it turns out, only a very smug Mr Bogert is. Do you know how many miles per second light travels? Well I don't :(`

Today is the 27th, which at christmas time means I have an entire day of cooking ready for 7pm when all our friends come round. We do a christmas quiz (created by Mr Bogert) eat lots, drink some, Mr Bogert makes Mulled Wine and Egg Nog, then we get the Wii out in one room and the Twister mats (yes, plural this year) in the other room. Oh it's going to be messy tomorrow morning!

I will try and pop back on here before New Year, but we go away with Mr Bogert's mum and sister to the Lake District on the 30th until the 2nd January, so if I don't get chance before I go, Happy New Year Everyone!

PS - This is where my creative streak comes from.
My Mum made this for the small person from an adults wedding dress and some added extras. Alexandra is thrilled to be a proper princess!


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  2. Aww, how sweet is Small person in her gown?? Talented Gran!PS-glad I am not the only person with an 'Anne of Green Gables' madness at 33!!:o) Hope you enjoy the rest of your holidays x