Thursday, 10 December 2009

Cream crackered but crafting

Work days completely wipe me out :) A good place NOT to work in the run up to Christmas is the Post Office. Very busy. Normally I get to take my break at the end of my shift so that I can get to pick up the small person in time, but Christmas pressure is on at work and I've been loaned to processing. Sounds good doesn't it? (after all, I'm just a human resource) and processing won't allow breaks at the end, in fact, they wont even allow you to choose when to take your break :(
So, anyway, break at 9am this morning (that's only 2.5 hours into an 8 hour shift) I took myself off to the canteen with my ready planned craft. I'm making some mini bunting for Christmas trees using the pink and blue dotted fabric from the pirate bunting and some lovely felt and embroidery floss. It was very theraputic. Without the mini bunting (and The Philosophers Stone in audio book format) today could quite literally have driven me insane!

Anyway, now I'm wiped (in fact I was falling asleep whilst on the phone to Mr Bogert, but that could have something to do with the small person still feeling poorly and waking up coughing alot in the night) I will leave you with a couple of piccies from Christmassing (what do you mean that's not a word? It can be a word) up the Wishes house this past Sunday. Mini bunting photos when I'm done, I promise.
Yes, we have a train that goes around the tree. It plays chritsma music or makes train sounds, it's front light works (and I love seeing the big round circle move across the wall as it goes around the track) and Sanat is driving the engine and he waves out of the window as he passes by. Actually, confession, it's Mr Bogert's train.

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  1. Lovely pics & what a great idea to have a train around the bottom! Lovely! x