Thursday, 17 December 2009

The Enthusiastic Elf

Today was the small persons Christmas Concert at nursery. They did a story about Rudolph, Santa, the elves and the other reindeer (including Ralph. Did you know there was a Ralph the reindeer and he had a green nose?).

Alexandra was an elf. She was a wonderfully cheery, smiling, waving, laughing elf. She helped decorate the tree, she helped make the sleigh bells ring whilst dancing around the tree, and she helped make the toys for Santa to give to children by hammering with her (paper laminated) hammer. She hammered very well. A little too well, as she almost hammered one of the daddy's in the front row's camera! Nothing wrong with enthusiasm, but I wont be encouraging wood work at home for a while yet :)

The nursery asked that we send her in a brightly coloured skirt for her to wear with a coloured tabbard and Santa hat that they would provide. Looking through her wardrobe, I realised she doesn't actually own any bright skirts. They're all pastels, or dark browns and blacks. So after she went to bed last night I ran up a (very) quick elasticated skirt using a strip of leftover fabric in red that I had. I cut out a brown felt reindeer shape and machine appliqued it to the skirt, the back stitched some white curly antlers. She wore this with her red and white striped tights left over from her pirate costume, her shiny black shoes and a green cardigan. I tied green ribbons in her hair to match. I think she looked very festive. (but then I'm biased)
Mr Bogert and I took plenty of photographs so that they can be put onto disc for the parents to buy, to help the nursery raise a little extra money. We've done this before with last years Christmas concert and also the summer concert, and the parents really seem to love it. Mr Bogert takes photographs before the concert of the kids in their costumes, then we both snap away during. I can't wait to see the slideshow when it's done, and hey, it's good for me. I get all the photos I want of Alexandra for free!

Yesterday I finally got those cards printed and the insides written, now I just need to get them addressed and sent tomorrow or it will be far too late. I also spent some time with the small person making her christmas cards.

We used brown paint and half a potato to print the pudding, then whilst the paint was still wet, sprinkled it with glitter. I cut some little triangles of green felt which she stuck straight into the wet paint for holly leaves, then in a blob of more brown paint she stuck a red heart shaped button for a berry. They were really quick and fun.

Tomorrow I'm back into work, and then I have to finish my Christmas shopping. If and when I finally get home, I have a mamoth to do list waiting for me, but I must admit the worst is over. Fancy dress costume for moi is next on the cards. Date of the fancy dress, oh, only this Saturday. Plenty of time........

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