Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Filling in the inbetween

Skipping straight to the most important thing (the small person's birthday) I did leave out a few inbetweeners.

Thursday night after picking up the small person from nursery we made our usual pit stop at Starbucks. We do this because I don't drive (probably for the best. When I had lessons my instructor nicknamed me "Vicky Two Wheels"!) and living in a village the bus service is very few and far between. Basically you can say whatever time I need a bus are the only times they don't run. So waiting for Mr Bogert to come back from work car sharing with his boss, we sit in Starbucks and take books, homework and crafty things.

After Starbucks, instead of heading straight home, we went to Warwick Victorian Evening. It's when they switch on their lights and the streets are closed off. The shops stay open late, they serve chestnuts, hot drinks, mulled wine mince pies, hot dogs, burgers, pork batches and other yumminess. They have children's rides including a lovely old fashioned big wheel and a steam powered carousel. The radio station is there with various live acts on stage including a choir which sounded lovely. We stopped a while to watched the fire juggler and Morris dancers. We also watched the wood turners and metal workers too. There were plenty of stalls and tombolas and we ran into some old friends. The best thing was this year it didn't rain. Last year we got utterly soaked :(

We had a lovely time all in all and it kick starts the festive season. Always the last Thursday of November.

Friday was a last minute rush to check we had everything sorted out for the Christmas Fayre. Photo club's prints looked very effective next to the art clubs lovely work, and people could stare at the whilst drinking and eating cakes because this is where they located the tea room. My stall looked quite nice in the end for toddler group. I painted a sign and used the battery operated lights we've bought for the Christmas tree festival (coming up this weekend) to decorate the stall. We made £66 on the day after taking off the £10 for the table fee. Not too shabby. It will definitely cover the shortfall for our Christmas tea party and the remaining gifts.

All but one of our prizes went to someone I know. It must have looked like a bit of a fix! :D

The only bad thing about running the stall was I didn't get to look around the stalls. I did leave the table long enough to go with the small person and Mr Bogert when she went to see Santa in his Grotto (which is actually the store room!), after that, I sent Mr Bogert off with some money and three instructions: 1 - Go buy me some wool, 2 - Go by me a hand carved wooden bowl from the wood turner, 3 - Go buy drinks for everyone on the stall. And he did as he was told. Good boy :)

Today we have been at toddlers as usual. We had cakes at snack time for the small person's birthday and sang happy birthday. I feel a bit silly though because I have to ring a big bell and make an announcement. I'm not good at addressing alot of people at once, I go red! We also made Christmas cards and printed our own wrapping paper. Next week we are making tissue paper wreaths. I'd better get cutting out some circles!

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