Monday, 9 November 2009

Fantastically wonderful!

What a fantastically wonderful weekend I've had. All weekends should be like that!

Firstly, not quite the weekend, but it all runs into one, Friday I did really well with my Christmas shopping! I am so nearly done! And being organised makes me smiley :) I did however manage to stretch my shoulder muscle a tad too far with the carrying and my bad hip made me pay too (I didn't even walk that far :c ). Note to self: When shopping before collecting the small person from Nursery, take into account the extra bags that will be added once she is picked up. Then we went to Starbucks and I fell in love with their Eggnog Latte. Sooo yummy. Now Mr Bogert is hooked too.

Saturday I agreed to start work at stupid o'clock (stupid o'clock being translated is 5am), but although it didn't feel like it around 4am, it was worth it because I finished early and got to go to a Christmas craft Fair at Hatton Country World. Yay! It wasn't very big, but there were some lovely things. I even saw one lady there who I've recently voted for on Craftjuice. (I'm dreaming of owning one of her gorgeous bags). Another that really took my eye was Blee bears. They are absolutely adorable and have such character. They are out of my allowed* price range though. But she does sell patterns, so all hope is not lost.

*allowed - Whatever Mr Bogert will turn a blind eye to when purchasing something not actually essential, but definately gorgeous.

This was followed by a trip to subway (so no cooking lunch or washing up) and another trip to Starbucks for those yummy eggnog lattes! We trawled B&Q's Christmas decoration section which we always love because they put tons of lights up, and then bought MDF for a project I'll tell you about in a bit.

Later that night we went to the Village bonfire night with a neighbour and one of his kids. Great time. All 3 of us (grown ups) are in the photo club, so we set up tripods and tried to get some nice shots. It was such a lovely atmosphere and seeing faces you know all gathered in one place enjoying hot food and soup, and the lovely big bonfire (we did get a bit smoked out when it was first lit, but it was all taken good humouredly and passed reasonably quickly) then the firework display was far better than expected and we got some quite good shots. We were back in time for the small person's bed time, and then spent the evening watching telly all snuggled up.

Sunday we (small person and I) needed to vacate the house so that Mr Bogert could get started on the MDF project I mentioned. The small person's birthday is at the end of this month and she's getting alot of Sylvanian family furniture and the Maces mouse family. We loooked at the houses, but none of them had the number of rooms we wanted. Mr Bogert said "Well I'll just build one" (he has since forgotten that it was his idea, and much moaning was heard when I was explaining about size and windows etc). The main shell is about ready. He still has the partitions to put in, the hinges to attach and the windows and doors to fit. Once it's built, I get to decorate :) I'm really excited about seeing Alexandra's face when she opens it! I'll post progress photos as it goes on.

This picture looks a little odd because the house is on it's side. There are 2 reasons for this. 1 - The small person is about and I have to snap it quick without her seeing. 2- Mr Bogert has put it like this and if I move it and something goes horribly wrong I'll be in BIG trouble!

Meanwhile, at Grandma's house (my Nan's) we were playing games and eating bacon sandwichs and then watching the remembrance day parade at the cenotaph on TV. We took a short break for a family (with Mr Bogert, who wanted to look at dolls house doors) trip to Hobbycraft. How much better could the weekend get? Hobbycraft without complaints from the hubby!? So I bought the small person a little wooden tree to decorate and some wool for me which was on sale. Kicking myself though, 'cos I should have bought more and ordered the helium balloons for the pirate party.

Mr Bogert went back to house building and Alexandra and I went back to Grandma's. We decorated the wooden tree with felt pens, sequins and little pom poms. We had a lovely cooked dinner with my nana and grandad, then sat watching The Wizard of Oz. Alexandra has never seen it before and she was totally mesmerised! I wish I'd recorded it now. We also watched The Aristocats. I sat finishing the last of the pirate eye patches for the goody bags at Alexandra's party, and sewing a bit more on the fairy costume.

Before and after

More movies when we returned home. Tinkerbell for Alex before bed, then once she was tucked up "The Oxford Murders" which I enjoyed 'cos I love ones where you can sit there and try and guess who did it and why, and then "How to Lose Friends and Alienate People" which I thought might make me cringe, but was actually ok. Mr Bogert and I laughed alot when Simon Pegg stands up at the 4th July party shouting "England! England! Oi Orlando! You used to be English, come on!" But we might have weird senses of humour ;)

So, I loved my weekend. Craft, shopping, bonfires, good movies, yummy food, fireworks. What did you get up to?

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  1. I'm feeling so chirpy and cheery after reading this! It's almost as though I did those things too and I had so much fun! Ha!
    I so look forward to watching the Wizard of Oz with a mini-Woo one day. My fave Auntie always loved it as much as me. I hope Alexandra was as besotted by the film as me! I was never the same after watching it!

    So...I'm off to Starbucks for an eggnog latte...