Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Light trails rock :D

Last night was our monthly Camera Club night. We were learning about shutter speed so for the shooting part of the evening we were playing around with lights trails (or painting with light). I love this :D It takes me back to the days when I used to write my name with sparklers on bonfire night! Mr Bogert being as organised as I normally am, left it until the last minute to get some lights/mini torches to play with. He asked me to take a trip to the village shop to see what I could find during yesterday day. All I could find were light up push pops. But hey they worked, and now we can eat them! Bonus!

Last night I was however being busy playing tea lady and pot wash, so missed parts of the conversations, and then somehow I was enlisted to help one of the other people. No idea why. I haven't got a clue what I'm doing either! So, by the end of the night, I'd managed to get through without taking a single photo :(

So we set it all up in the living room when we got home and I got to draw angel wings and a devil tail on Mr Bogert! I'm just a big kid really :D

We also voted on some of the prints we're going to display at the village Christmas fair. 2 per person at the moment. These are mine that were chosen. I'm quite happy with them. I really like the one I took of the war memorial, but I thought I had stronger ones than the one of the water.

Top - Our village war memorial cross in the church yard. Bottom - The River Fal

Ofcourse we also had toddler group today. We made poppies for remembrance. The small person however thought they looked more like eyes and so we ended up with this.

Top - Where I intended for the black dot to be. Bottom - Alexandra's new and improved poppy eyes

On the one hand toddlers was great today because we had 5 new kids, and for once we made an actual proffit which can go towards the christmas presents and tea party or restocking the craft supplies. An added bonus was one of the volunteers pointed out a huge black bin bag full of unclaimed christmas gifts from last year, which helps our very low bank balance (and I get to sit there and unwrap every single one to find out what's inside, before re-wrapping it to give out!). The down side to today was that last week I put a request out for small donations of little gifts (like chocolate money, colouring pencils, little toys) to go into a child's christmas hamper to be the main raffle prize for our stall at the Christmas fair (which I'm hoping is going to raise some much needed funds), and apart from one grandmother, not one single person has donated a thing or even acknowledge that we're going to be at the fair :( I was really disappointed. I don't like to sell to the parents or ask them for too much money, but I'm trying really hard to keep the group open. We have enough children on the books to run smoothly, but they don't come every week, so I'm having to resort to other methods of making money. Still, very disappointing. Maybe next week. Glass half full mentality - we have two more sessions before the fair.

This afternoon, now that all the eyepatches are finished, I've also been packaging up the goody bags and have them all lined up in a box ready for cake to be added and then Alexandra to give them out. I feel very organised having them all lined up (and they look very pretty because we've used plain pink and plain blue paper bags). I just wish everything were that easy!
Tomorrow I need to sew. There's no urgency for anything to be finished right this minute, but I feel the need to sew. It might just stop my head exploding. Craft therapy :)

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