Thursday, 19 November 2009

Pom poms! Hurrah!

After I finished chatting away on here yesterday I acually got around to a quick craft project that was actually a neccessity. Pom poms. What do you mean pom poms aren't a neccessity? Of course they are. Christmas is just around the corner and they seem to be very popular for the festive season this year. I've seen people making pom poms for gift decorations, to hang from trees, for winter warmer knitted items and even some fabulous pom pom door wreathes.

My pom poms are a neccesity because I need something extra to brighten up and fill out our toddler group tree for the church Christmas tree festival at the start of next month. I was going to just buy some itty bitty baubles, but seeing pom poms on tons of other blogs I thought that was much more fun and definately in keeping with the children theme. And pom poms, come on, what's not to love!? Only trouble is, the ones I've made look so lovely and bright and fluffy, like a pom pom rainbow, I wish we had a bigger tree so I could justify making more :)

One extra crafty foot note before I go. I made a snuggie yesterday. (That would be after the blogging and before the pom poms, and somewhere in and around the knitting of the scarf). Now for those of you that don't know, a snuggie or a slanket (apparently slanket came first and snuggie was a copy, but slanket doesn't sound nearly as nice as snuggie) is a big blanket with oversized sleeves so you can have your arms free or wear it. Mr Bogert has demanded he own one.

The one I made yesterday though is for the small person for Christmas and was super quick to make. I used an existing fleecey blanket from Primark so I didn't need to hem (and it actually worked out cheaper than buying the same amount of a similar fabric. Go figure!). I used a zig zag/over edge stitch so it finished the edges of the sleeve seams at the same time as stitching them together. It was super quick to make which I'm very pleased about because I have another 3 to make in time for Christmas day.

Wow. That's a long foot note.

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