Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Getting distracted

Well, I was supposed to be making a Guy for bonfire night with the small person today. I'd already sorted out some bits and pieces, but then I thought "I'd better sort out those christmas bits and pieces first so that I know what I still need to get....". And that was that. I drifted out of November and landed in my happy place :)
So instead, this afternoon, I've been planning a gift for the small person and Mr Bogert that until now was just a few words in my head (now there are accompanying pictures and construction ideas), and also getting a bit further with the gift I started a while back for someone else's small person.

This was the fun bit. Look sparkly things!

Anyway, suddenly it's back to reality time. Mr Bogert's on his way back from work expecting to be fed, nursery things need to be packed, work clothes need putting out, baths need to be ran and had.... Oh dear Alex. I promise tomorrow we'll make that Guy.

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