Monday, 30 November 2009

On becoming the mother of a 4 year old

4 years?! Really? How did this time fly by so quickly and what am I going to do with a small person who knows everything, is always right, speaks to you like she's the parent ("Don't you just do that! I've told you....") and is a bit of a drama queen?

I'm sure I don't know, but keeping her occupied seems to help :)

It was the small person's actual birthday yesterday. The dolls house didn't get completely finished because we still needed to order some bits and pieces and the glodd wouldn't dry on the front door, so roof tiles, patio, front door and dormer windows will be added at some point over the coming months. We did give it to her yesterday though because it's still perfectly fine for playing with. Mr Bogert did a fantastic job :D I wallpapered and carpeted the inside.

Sunday morning she wasn't awake when we woke up, so we were creeping around trying to get dressed etc so we could wake her by singing happy birthday. We almost made it aswell. I was ready by her door, Mr Bogert wasn't far behind, when she suddenly sat straight up from her sleep , put her legs over the side of the bed and said "It's my birthday." Fact, not exclamation. Then she sleepily smiled at us. What a cutie :)

So she got dressed while I made breakfast and drinks, then came downstairs with Daddy. She got part way down the stairs, saw the rather obviously shaped wrapped gift from me and her Daddy and exclaimed "A house!" and started moving quicker down the stairs. I said it might just be a really odd shaped box and not a house. She looked at me like "come on Mummy, I'm 4 now. I'm not that stupid". Put me in my place.

So she had a lovely time opening presents which included drawing, art and craft sets, some lovely clothes, the house and sylvanian's to go with it, and a couple of DVD's. Nanny, Auntie Helen, Grandma, Grandpa and Nana called in for a cup of tea and more presents. (more Sylvanian bits, more clothes and some nice new boots) and we sang happy birthday with a yoghurt cake bought from the WI stall at Saturdays Christmas Fayre (which I will tell you all about, but later).

After all the family left we headed out in the car to Thomas Land at Drayton Manor Park. This is something we had promised her months ago since she saw it advertised on telly and quite a few of her friends have been. The main park is closed for the end of the season, and this is always what happens when we try to find places we can take Alexandra for her birthday. Usually it's just after everything has closed and there's no where left to go. Thomas Land was however still open and having a special event from 28th November until 3rd of January "Santa come to Sodor" and they have all of the christmas decorations out, christmas songs playing and snow machines going every now and then. They also have on a special christmas 20 minute animated movied in the 4D cinema. (included in admission price). There's a mini show with Santa, the Fat Controller and a few other characters.

I have to say, even I enjoyed it. It's perfect for little ones even if they aren't that into Thomas the Tank. All the rides are aimed at smaller children, with only a couple being for slightly bigger kids, and there's an indoor play area too. The small person said she had a really nice birthday, and I'm glad. It felt christmassy too with the lights and decorations. We went on a 100 year old carousel too (twice). On our way out, we stopped at the sweet shop in Sodor and filled a bag for the small person's ride home.

We ate Sunday dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's when we returned (my nana and grandad who only live about 5 doors away from us) then got to our house with a little time to spare for the small person's Godtather to visit and some play time with her new toys. A good (busy) day. Now I just need to survive the party next Saturday!

I still have lots to do for that. I need to get the fresh food on Friday, prepare as much as I can Friday night, bake and decorate a cake, sort out the rest of the decorations and name stickers, and contact the lady who is doing the entertainment! I'm going to be absolutely shattered by Sunday (which I have been informed is when Christmas officially starts by Mr Bogert who's fed up of waiting any longer!)

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