Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Show and tell time

As promised here's the piccies, although I don't know why I bothered waiting, the light still wasn't good :(

These are the fabrics (well minus one blue fabric) all cut and ready for the recovering of the chairs. A plain orange and a turquoise/greeny colour with sea prints on (like red crabs, blue and pink shells, green seaweed and orangey other bits). I wanted something bright a fun looking. I've used the original covers taken apart (and carefully labelled as I went) as pattern pieces. These will replace the very worn red and white stripe covers that are totally ingrained with dirt and have been used since I went to the group as a toddler! I'll post before and afters once I'm done.

These are the small person birthday party invitations. Some of you who visit my blog regularly will have seen part finished versions of these anyway. Blue for the boys, pink for the girls. The little pirate was cut using a baby sizzix die. The bandanas were cut freehand using printed paper. The ships were found on the internet and resized then cut using tiny nail scissors. the "ahoy shipmates! Party sighted! banner was created in photoshop and again cut with tiny nail scissors. The sea was cut from various blue papers in my stash with scallop edged scissors. I tea stained some A4 printer paper and printed out the inside wording on this using "arr matey" font. I got rather carried away with the wording and just hope the parents get what I'm on about and don't keep their kids away from the party because they think I'm a loon!

"Ahoy Shipmates!
Ye be invited t' Captain Alexandra's 4th birthday bash! We be in need of shipmates t' swab the deck, so come dressed in your best pirate finery. (fancy dress)
We set sail on
blaa blaa blaa
so chart yer'course fer
blaa blaa blaa
and join us fer some fun, games and grub.
Wave yer flag if ye be attendin', if not ye'll have t' walk the plank!"

This is the latest knitting project I mentioned. It's not going too badly, but I remember why I favour crochet. I find it a great deal harder to keep track of what I'm doing and where I am in the pattern (yes, even on something as simple as a scarf). Crochet also grows much quicker, so you have finished results much quicker. I must admit, I do feel as though I've acomplished more doing a knitted item. This is the easy part anyway. There's still matching wrist warmers, leg warmers and hat to go with this. The pattern is from the Autumn special of Women's Weekly Knitting and Crochet. If I don't completely mess this up, I want to try knitting something for Mr Bogert, but we'll see. It may take me until next Christmas to get this finished!

And finally, of course yesterday was Tuesday which means toddler group. We just had a free painting session. Partly because this was one session I didn't have anything planned in advance for and didn't have much time, and partly because we don't do nearly enough painting at toddlers. It's always sticking because it usually turns out less messy. I don't mind the mess (well, not at toddlers anyway) so I say paint away! I did use pudsey bear colours though. After mentioning this to the small person she decided she wanted to paint pudsey. Can you just about make him out? Over there on the right? With arms legs and ears and very red face? And he's surrounded by his spots :)

I still have heaps to get through before christmas. I hope me and my crafty makes get there :)

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