Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Pom pom how to

I have to admit, I'm still feeling a bit bleurgh. It has not been one of my most fantastical days (or weeks actually). My crafty mojo will be found by the weekend though I'm sure (I hope, because I have plenty to do!) and in the mean time with all the pom pom crazies out there, how about a pom pom how to?

Find a sturdy piece of card, fold in half and draw a large cirlce with a smaller circle inside. (I've used a roll of double sided tape and a vaseline lid, but if you're really smart you could use something easier like a compass!)

Cut the around the outside circle throgh both layers of card (so you have 2) and then cut the a notch through the outside circle and around the inside circle. You should now have what looks like to broken circles/letter "c".

Start wrapping you yarn around both card cut outs you have made, overlapping to hold the end of the yarn in place. The cut out notch makes it easier for you to wind the yarn (as the ball of yarn doesn't have to pass through the smaller circle centre)

Wrap around evenly across most of the card cut outs to your desired thickness (the thicker you wind the yarn around, the fuller your pom pom will be) and cut from the yarn ball when finished

Whilst carefully holding your yarn in place on the card, insert your scissors between the 2 pieces of card and up under the wrapped yarn. Cut all around.

(You now have lots of short pieces of yarn.) Still holding your yarn in place, slip a length of yarn between the 2 pieces of card

Tightly tie the length of yarn with a double knot to hold the pom pom together. If possible, wrap around the middle tightly several more times and tie again.

Remove the card pieces and trim any uneven ends on your pom pom.

Finished! Now what to make.....

Well, there are a few ideas mentioned in this post, but how about a few more?

The long ends from the tying the pom poms can come in very handy for attaching them to things, or creating loops so that they can be hung. Why not create a loop from the long threads, add a bit of sparkle and hang on your tree (you could use metallic yarn so you don't need to add sparkle). You can make all sorts of sizes for a very different look.

How about stitching many pom poms to a length of fabric, ribbon or tape and creating a neck warmer.

Pom pom animals for kids are heaps of fun. Try poodles, chicks, bears, caterpillars and expecially at this time of year, snowmen :) You could even get really creative and make pom pom monsters who are hungry for your yarn stash! Eeek!

Try a pom pom garland. Great for decorating the tree or hanging along the stairs or mantle. With a few pegs it could even double as a card hanger. Hust tie your pom poms along a length of ribbon, or use some of your yarn to make a plaited rope/string, and attach them to this.

Pom pom accessories - Hairbands and clips and brooches and bag charms. (And tons more!)

There are lots of things you can make with pom poms and I'd love to hear any of your ideas or about things you've already made.

EDIT - This post has been ready to go since last Thursday but I have been having major issues with uploading piccies. It just did not want to cooperate! Anyway, better late than never. x

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