Tuesday, 17 November 2009

What! No pictures!

I thought about taking piccies of the things I've been doing and want to tell you about (and lets face it, I'm the Queen of too many pictures!), but by the time I got back from my Nana and Grandads it was far too dark to get any decent photos. So in a rare moment of photographic restraint, I promise to show you tomorrow.

I finished Alexandra's birthday invitations and they've all been sent. The goody bags are filled (minus cake, obviously) now that the eye patches are all done, and they're all lined up looking rather pretty (even if I do say so myself) as we've used pale blue and pale pink paper bags.

I've started a little knitting project as a chritsmas gift for the small person. It's so weird trying to get back into knitting. I've never been a strong knitter and all I've done for the last 18 months or so is crochet. I was fine until I came to purl and my mind went blank! Several tries later and it all came flooding back! Let's hope the project turns out usable :)

I've also been sorting out the christmas gifts for the toddler group kids. Every christmas if they're going to be there last day of term, they get a little gift (which comes out of the money we've collected from weekly payments) and we also have a tea party. Shopping lists coming out of my ears! Lists for gifts, lists for tea party food, lists for the small person's birthday, lists for xmas day....... Now I just need a list to keep track of the lists!

Over the weekend Mr Bogert and I went to our village art club exhibition. There were some lovely paintings and drawings. I'm too short on cash and wall space to invest in a piece of art though :( Mr Bogert says I'll have to paint our own. We also spoke to the people running it because we (photo club) are sharing exhibition space at the christmas fayre in a couple of weeks time. So we have photographs, mounts and labels to prepare.

Mr Bogert has finally given in to my gentle prods and signed photo club up for the christmas tree festival at the church too. I managed to get some battery operated lights from Wilkinsons (but then found some cheaper ones at Ikea!). So now we need to prepare for that! More photos 6x4 this time to peg onto the tree, and toddler group is making pine cone angels next Tuesday for the toddler group tree (I'll probably be making some brightly coloured pom poms too to fill out the decor) Phew! We don't like to make things easy for ourselves.

Sunday was our 10 year anniversary (not wedding, just togetherness). Can you believe that! I can't, it's gone so fast. The first year together we counted every month and it too a long time to reach that magic 12 month milestone. Now all of a sudden (or it feels like it) we're 3 houses, 1 child, several jobs, a wedding and 10 years down the line! I hope the rest of it doesn't pass this quickly, I'm quite enjoying it! :D

Mr Bogert bought me a lovely long length knitted jumper with a hood. Funnily enough, I bought him a cable knit zip up wool jacket. It must be a thing that once you get so far into your time together you feel the need to buy knitwear to keep them warm and snuggly instead of raunchy underwear or romantic things! I supposed at least it's a step up from a set of saucepans (although I think I'd be really quite happy with them too!)

We promised each other no computers etc, hence the no posting. In the eveing we left the small person with a babysitter (in the shape of Nanny) and went for a curry at The Five Rivers in Leamington. So very yummy. We had big plans for pudding, but were far too stuffed by the time we'd finished our mains.

Mr Bogert also had the day off yesterday so we could have a proper "weekend" together (with me working Saturdays). We had to have more Starbucks eggnog latte. No really, we're addicted now and it's impossible to resist it's call. We just had a nice chilled family day together. Ikea, dobbies garden centre, a christmas movie and an action movie (whilst knitting, with many comments of "you just missed that!" "are you even watching this?") for after the small person was deposited in bed.

Ikea made me want to spend lots of money again. I didn't, but I did spend some toddler group money on fabric to recover the falling apart mini chairs for the reading corner. I have been cutting out lovliness in 3 fabrics all afternoon. Well, I like it anyway :)

Of course, all this has left me thinking that today is actually Monday and I'm living a very confused day.

Pictures, I know, tomorrow. I promise.

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  1. pom pom tutorial please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with sugar on top!