Thursday, 3 June 2010

Foggy pea soup

There is a fog in my brain as thick as pea soup. It makes it very hard to find where I've stored away little bits (or even big bits for that matter) of information, expecially important things. There's lots of whosits and whatsits and thing-a-me-bobs flying around and everyone's just smiling nicely at me pretending they understand what on earth I'm on about.

All of a sudden little things are triggering memories like "you haven't replied to the holiday park with confirmation for August" and "Your black sewing thread is sitting on the arm of the chair because you were going to turn up Mr Bogert's trousers. On Sunday." I've just had another of those moments where the small person asked me what we were making at toddler group next week and I said something to go with our flowers for the flower festival. Then it suddenly hit me (hard) that I hadn't even replied to the organiser that we were taking part. This is going back weeks now. I feel absolutely terrible :(

I telephoned and apologised, but she's a very nice lady anyway, so it wasn't a hard conversation to have :)

I just keep doing that all the time though. It's a horrible feeling to sit here and think "What else have I forgotten?" and more importantly "How urgent was it?"

Anyway, no amount of forcing myself to think is going to make me remember things I don't even realise I've forgotten (yet). As promised, here is our new addition to the Wishes household. Buttons the blue bunny. He has been made by either Pat or Sally of Miss Tilly's who sell lovely things at the Craft Centre in Lynton, Devon. Sadly, as far as I'm aware, there is no website for either the craft centre or Miss Tilly's, but if anyone knows different or comes across the name again, please let me know!

Couple of quick piccies of the squares for Mrs Woo's project. I haven't posted them yet, but I don't think Mrs Woo would mind a quick sneak preview. One's just treble and double crochet used alternately in rows, the second is double crochet and bobbles. (I love crochet bobbles!). If you like knitting, crochet (and I think even quilting was mentioned) pop on over and read Mrs Woo's post about her project and see if you'd like to join in :)

Now, a request for help and suggestions. I have an entire summer holiday with the small person. I'll be on maternity leave from just before her last week at pre-school, and the new Little Wish isn't due until a month after she starts school, so I'm trying to think of lots of lovely crafty things we can do together over the break to occupy her and make the most of our time together. So far I'm thinking:
  • some cooking projects (maybe even putting some picnic things together and going out to eat it.)
  • making jewelry (because I know she loves that anyway)

  • decorating our own t-shirts with fabric pens/crayons (thought maybe she could decorate a vest for the baby too)

  • plenty of collages (maybe go on a walk and collect bits to use)

  • I promised her I'd show her how to tie dye after she saw a dress she liked on holiday (that was far too big for her)

But I'd really love any extra ideas. If you've got any specific projects, recipes or other ideas you think might be ideal for a 4 year old girl, pass them my way! Thanks!

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