Monday, 14 June 2010

Getting "it" done

"It" being that mamoth to do list swirling around my head (and somewhere on a piece of paper in the house).

Prepped the "Dad head" craft for toddler group. CHECK
Sorted my personal photos for the camera club exhibition. CHECK
Taken new versions of old village photos for the exhibition. CHECK
Reply cards for places we've been invited to made and posted. CHECK
Name cards ready for printing for the photograph exhibtion. CHECK

Yesterday Mr Bogert, the small person and I took a walk around the village taking the new photographs to go with the old ones for the exhibition. So that Alex didn't get too bored, she had a bag with her to collect flowers. When we got home I showed her how to press them. Once they're ready we're going to turn them into a lovely birthday card for Grandma.

We also made apricot flapjacks yesterday. Alex is really becoming a great little chef :) She helped make pizza for dinner the night before. Mr Bogert swears it's the best pizza he's ever tasted. (and he's been to Italy and New York!)

The Dad (or grandad) Head craft is ready to go. I sat scrunching balls of tin foil on Saturday and then covered them with PVA and white tissue paper. Now they just need the kids imaginations, some more tissue paper, some more glue and some paint, and they should look fantastic :)

We've just finished the small person's homework. This week it's Oscar Orange and the letter "O", but that's one she already knows very well, so it was a very quick painless experience! Now she's sitting drawing rainbows and the sea with a big tin of lovely coloured chalks. Later today, we're going to make the last fathers day card. One for Grandad (my Dad).

I've also been planning and plotting the flower arrangement from toddler group for the church.
Last year we had a rainbow tower of flowers with lots of lovely butterflies the children had decorated "flying" around it. This year in keeping with the scarecrow theme (for the competition the committee is running) I thought we'd have scarecrows too. I'll post piccies once the actual arrangement is made on Friday.

Last years Rainbow flowers

I also want to get on with my sisters birthday invitations so that they're ready to go once the time comes so I want to get cutting out more Sizzix numbers and swirly squares. If I don't get chance today, it's not the end of the world 'cos I'm off ALL week! Yay!

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