Wednesday, 23 June 2010

No sewing today :(

I'm still trying to help my house recover from the neglect it suffered over the weekend. I'm still not 100% myself.

The house is hot despite having every window and door open and 2 fans blowing. My hands, feet and legs are REALLY swollen, my hip is really playing me up and in turn that's making my back pain close to unbearable. I just feel "meh". (Yup, that is a word according to moi).

I can't do any sewing because I'm finding that the majority of the time, I need my feet up (I haven't quite mastered the "how to use the foot pedal of the sewing machine whilst in a reclined position" technique).

I did, on a little inbetweeny moment, make a lovely fruity sauce to have with ice cream :)

1 cup sugar (or less if you don't like it too sweet)
1 1/2 cups blueberries (I used frozen, so not sure how it would work out with fresh)
1 1/2 cups chopped and peeled apple
3 tablespoons of lemon juice

Heat it up in a pan (but not to the boil) and keep stirring.
The blueberries should completely reduce and the sugar should be completely dissolved. The apples pieces will remain whole, but be very soft.
Then, once it's cooled, it's ready to serve on your desserts :)

Yummy. At least I accomplished something today!

I was going to include a lovley picture showing just how pretty the berry colours against the ice cream are, but wouldntcha know, uncooperative PC. Again. So, you'll just have to use your wonderful imaginations :)

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