Saturday, 19 June 2010

Open Garden Weekend

Well, it's arrived and so far, going well. Everything was mounted and labelled on time for the photography exhibition, my flowers came together really quickly for the church flower festival (and I didn't even drop them on the way into the church, which is a miracle considering the size of the arrangement and my clear lack of balance at the moment!) and all scarecrows that needed to be made, were made.

We've had a really busy day today, staying with the exhibiton for far too long in the village hall (and sampling several different home made cakes sold by the WI ladies, in fact we gave the small person sugar overload and paid severely for it!) then we made our way around some of the gardens and took photographs and also took extra photographs as we came across more scarecrows. The day however, ran away from us, and we've got to go back out tomorrow and see and photograph everything else that we missed (which was tons!).

I haven't been in to the Church yet, but here's a photograph of the flower arrangement. I can't show you the scarecrows. The PC has decided it no longer wants to play with my photos, so it wont let me download the piccies from the other camera :( As soon as it's behaving again, I'll post the pics. Sheriff Oaks (which is for my Nan and Grandad) and our pirate can't wait to be introduced to you all. Our pirate looks a bit like he's already been hanged though, but at least he's there. The pirate scarecrow was made last night (again from some of Potato Salad Heather's old clothing that she passes to me for fabric) and his head was made this morning whilst watching Tinkerbell on the Disney Channel. I don't think I did too badly
There have been some fantastic scarecrows all around though. Take a look at a few:

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