Monday, 7 June 2010

Just don't know what to do with myself......

Well it's 8:18am and a rarity for me to actually get onto the PC at this time of day. Mr Bogert and the small person have just left in the car to pick up Mr Bogert's Mum and her friend from the airport. In London. Yeah, that's going to take a while. I feel a little bit lost actually. I'm never in the house on my own (except maybe for half and hour or so whilst they pop to the shop or something), it's quiet and feels a little weird.

A friend is picking me up at 10am to go to the children's centre open day, so I have a little time to kill. I'm thinking something really exciting like washing my hair!

I did (finally) get Mr Bogert's trousers turned up, but I did nothing to get on with the mini scarecrows (which will have to be done later today) we watched "Public Enemies" and ate chocolate instead :)

Now that crafty list (which is around here somewhere.... I know, I know, but I put it somewhere safe) goes something like this:
  • prep the mini peg scarecrows craft for toddler group tomorrow (there are more craft preps to be done, but this is the most immediate)
  • make my nan and grandad's scarecrow for the competition for the open garden weekend
  • make our scarecrow for the same thing
  • make my sister's 21st birthday party invitations (for Oct)
  • finish a scrapbook that's been on going for a while
  • make Alex's birthday party invitations (for Nov)
  • make birth notices so all I have to do is fill in the details (for Oct)
  • finish alex's bed spread and curtains (yes, I know, from way back when)
  • take or sort out some existing photographs for my part of the camera club exhibition and get the prints done (for the open gardens which is in less than 2 weeks time)
  • I have a plan for some birthday and xmas gifts aswell, which obviously I can't say much about on here but that would be about 8 birthday presents
  • and 15ish christmas presents
  • Alex's costume for her party which has now changed from magical themed to superheroes
  • restock my Folksy shop (which is looking very sad and neglected)
  • perhaps actually make something for this poor little Squigglepop who does not have a single thing that is not hand me down at this point

So, no worries there then. Just a few things. How many I will actually acheive remains to be seen (by everyone in bloggy land as I publish my progress) but fingers crossed, I'll get the most important things done.

And finally in news about the Wishes clan, Mr Bogert and I are off to the theatre tonight. Yay! We're going to see Witness for the Prosecution (Agatha Christie). We saw the play they put on last year and it was fantastic. Really enjoyed it, so I'm looking forward to tonight. Even Mr Bogert enjoys it. It's funny, he can't sit and watch something like that on TV, but on stage? Not a problem. I'll let you know if we liked it as much as last years (which was Spider's Web).

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