Monday, 21 June 2010

Open Gardens - part 2

Well, that's it all over and done with. We did manage to get around everything and the weather was far better on Sunday. We've taken lots of photos which I've yet to sort through them all.

The scarecrow competition was judged and the winner was the operating table (photograph in last post), we looked at all of the flower arrangements in the church, we stopped and had a ploughmans lunch at The Old Rectory (where I left my cardigan - mush for brains again!) and we looked at all of the craft things by the old smithy.

Our Pirate scarecrow

Sheriff Oaks

The man (David Salt) who does all of the metal work (from Wyvern Forge) had some beautiful pictures of creations either he or his colleague has made. Now if only I had some spare cash, I'd certainly comission a pretty new garden gate.

I bought a bowl from the wood turner to keep for my Grandad's birthday. It's made from local ash. Every time I see the wooden items at different village events (he usually has a stall at Christmas) I just love the smooth finish and the lovely rich colours and patterns of the wood. I made Mr Bogert buy me a lovely bowl made from walnut the last time we saw him :)

Unfortunately, the bee keeper couldn't make it on Sunday, so we missed them. I really wanted to see if they were selling honey. We did however spot a bees nest hanging in a tree in the churchyard :)

Also, I am very cross with myself >:( We walked past the wool spinning lady, but as she was taking a break and having a chat, I thought, well I'll just come back later. I forgot! So cross. She spins using fleece from the local farms, and I really wanted to see what she had for sale. Fingers crossed, she'll come to another village event soonish.

The photograph exhibition seems to have been quite well received. We're hoping we may have generated enough interest to get a new member or two, but if not, at least most people know we're here now. It didn't take long to break everything down either. Much quicker than putting it up! We'll keep all of the prints safe now until another time.

Here's a quick snap of how my personal display was arranged.

I also managed to get very slight sunburn. I put sun cream on, I just obviously didn't put enough on my ever expanding cleavage. Ooops. Mr Bogert found this amusing as I'd spent a good few minutes nagging him about his sun cream. It's not really bad though, not sore, just slightly pink and itchy. Thank goodness for aftersun lotion.

The whole weekend was finished off with a lovely BBQ. All those involved in some aspect of planning or running the weekend were invited round to one of the gardens for a get together. The evening weather was just right, and it was so nice to see so many familiar faces. We all brought our own meat, but our hosts provided salad, bread, drinks and dessert. We took extra meat and shared it with some neighbours from down our road and the man from the smithy who does the metal work I mentioned. It was a perfect end to a lovely weekend.

Obviously somewhere in the midst of all this we celebrated fathers day. Mr Bogert was treated to breakfast in bed made by the small person (so it was toast, a yoghurt and a banana), he had a huge box of chocolates which even he didn't manage to finish in one sitting (but blamed that fact on the 3 desserts he ate at the BBQ!) he got his Dad head which he was very impressed by, and his lovely hand made card. Alexandra ran him a lovely relaxing bubble bath and put his towels in the bathroom. So he actually ended up having a bath with Eeyore the Donkey and 2 rubber duckies. (He REALLY didn't want me to show any of these half awake pictures of him in public, so I'll just give you a really quick sneak peak.....)

(See. All gone.)

We also called round to Grandads to deliver his Father's day gift, and then met my Dad briefly at one of the local pubs to have a drink and give him his card and gift. Yep, we just about managed to cram everything in!

Today is my day of rest (after I've cleared up that is!)

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