Wednesday, 9 June 2010


All this morning the small person and I have been sticking lots of little bits of paper to lots of other little bits of paper. Very theraputic (but I really must get some housework done!). Alexandra has been creating lovely collages using some sizzix cut outs I gave her and other bits and pieces from her craft drawers. We also made a Father's Day card for Dady and Grandpa. We still need to make one for Grandad. I can't show Mr Bogert's card (as he does occasionally drop by to see what I've been up to whilst he's at work) but I can show the masterpiece that is Grandpa's card.

I whipped up 2 very quick little notelet cards as replies for a wedding and a birthday party, I just need to sort out envelopes now and get them in the post.

I've also made a start on my sister's 21st birthday party invitations. I've been stuck for a while because the thought of cutting out that many 2s and 1s by hand made my head spin. Completely forgot I have some sizzix number dies! Yay! They're far less chunky than my original idea, but I think these will actually look better anyway. I've made a few different combinations in the colour scheme chosen by my sister, I just need her to look at them and choose the one she wants. Then I can get on with it :) Which colour combination do you like the best? (there's a fluffy pink feather or two to be added under the 21 badge pointing towards the top of the card, and I may think about some added sparkle, but for now this is the base.)
Black DL size card with hot pink gross grain ribbon across the centre, swirl corner square sizzix punch with swirl number "21" mounted on.

In other more amusing news (well it made me smile anyway) the postman delivered a letter from my work today (you know, the boring day job). It's a notification for my long service award! And I only started work there just whilst I was studying! 10 years is way too long to spend in a job you didn't want in the first place, never intended to stay for, and still don't want to be at now! Oh well, another 5 weeks and I'll be away from there for a whole 12 months getting to know my little wish number 2 :)

Which reminds me, I never shared a picture from our 20 week scan. Look :D Squigglepop's getting bigger by the day :D

Right, back to housework, making lunches for tomorrow, doing homework with the small person and making important phone calls. I've had my fun for the day :)

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