Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Scarecrows everywhere!

Well, yesterday was busy. The children's centre open day was great. It's a really lovely place (I especially liked the garden area). Everything was light and spacey, the staff were really friendly. I already knew 2 of them anyway who've been supporting the Toddler Group. I really hope that I can take squigglepop to a couple of things once Alex is settled in school. The baby massage seemed good, and I'm interested in the baby first aid course. It just all depends on travel and time.
They also run adult classes including Christmas crafts, easter crafts and summer crafts. I REALLY want to go and join in, but I suspect I wont be able to (time and money wise) :(

When I got back from the children's centre and Mr Bogert returned the small person before heading off to work, we went around to Nan and Grandad's for lunch. We weren't going to stay too long, but we thought we'd at least sort out a few bits and pieces ready for making their scarecrow. Well, we ended up making the scarecrow. Finding the bits turned into lets just stuff the legs, then we thought we might as well add the shirt, then it seemed mean to leave him headless. He just has a few finishing touches (a hat, a waistcoat and a sheriff's badge).

Meet Sheriff Oaks :)
Sheriff Oaks is wearing Grandad's shirt (which he would like back, please), Potato salad Heather's old ripped jeans and a yellow duster for a neck scarf. His head is made from half and old pillowcase stuffed with an old towel and then stitched with cotton and embroidery thread to form his features. The cuffs and bottoms of the trousers are tied off with elastic bands, and then his whole body has been stuffed with old newspapers (the small person loved that bit!) He has a piece of wood running from his head to his bottom to give him a bit of stability. I made it up as I went along, so on the whole, I'm quite pleased :)
Back home I made another yummy milkshake.
  • 1 mango chopped up
  • 2 bananas
  • 1 large carton of vanilla yoghurt
  • top up with milk in the blender and whizz it all together

The scarewcrow peg people got prepped and the kids had fun putting them all together today. The straw really didn'twant to stay on the heads though :( Here's a mini collection of them ready for the flower festival.

And last but not least was our trip to the theatre. Turns out my Mum and her partner had booked to go the same night. We saw their car in the car park, but couldn't see them anywhere in the theatre. I really enjoyed the show. The set was well planned, the cast were great and it was a generally enjoyable night out. We both agreed we preferred last years production, but that had nothing to do with the performances, just that we liked the plot for Spider's Web more. I really hope we can go again next year.

So, you can see I have 2 things to tick off that craft list of mine. I have got a new item to add today though and that's prepping the craft for next week's toddler group. I'd forgotten (surprise surprise) until I checked my notes, that we have got father's day craft next week. We're going to be making "Dad heads" to give to the dads and grandads as gfts. The idea is from one of the Usborne Activity books. I really love all of the different books they have for cooking and crafting with kids. Anyway, the dad heads are going to take a bit more prep than the usual ones. I'll show you my progress. I also need to track down some skin coloured paints 'cos we don't have any!

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