Monday, 21 June 2010

Monday Monday

The hectic weekend has just hit me today. I slept fine last night and for a long enough length of time, but I'm just tired out.

I have attempted to get the house back into order, but only got half way there, before giving up and rooting around in my sewing to do box instead.

I've half heartedly started a quick summer mess around outfit for the small person made from old clothing, but put it to one side once I discovered there was no elastic to hand (and no energy to go find any). I also finally finished stitching the panels of her new curtains and bedspread together. They are now folded neatly waiting for me to make the next move forward.

I looked at the large expanse of curtain, and the even larger expanse of curtain lining, realised it would be another floor cutting job, and knew that if I got down on the floor cutting out, I'd be staying there until Mr Bogert returned from work and picked me up off the floor. The bedspread seemed simpler, but Mr Bogert has "tidied up" the wadding I had for it (and I really wasn't putting up much of a fight for activity anyway). So, there they are. Waiting.

Then I thought, well I'll put my feet up and watch a little afternoon TV to chill out and maybe regain some energy. Telly no worky (another issue to deal with at some point). Telly upstairs? Nope, too far away. So I just lay there feeling tired until Mr Bogert got home. Luckily for me, Small person is extremely good (especially lately) when Mummy's tired. She did some drawing, played dress up, played with her dolls and cars, played on the DS, and then to cheer me up she put on a show. My favourite 2 songs were called "I love Mummy and Daddy" and "Daddy's got a spikey face".

Early night tonight, then maybe tomorrow I'll feel more like me (and maybe that bedspread and curtains will finally be ready for use!)

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