Friday, 22 June 2012

Alexandra's Church Flowers

Alexandra's Sunday School always makes a contribution to the Church Flower Festival. This year each child is creating their own mini flower arrangement in red, white and blue in honour of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. They are also drawing a little portrait of the queen to stand with their flowers.

The fower arrangement is set in wet oasis in a tupperware pot (!) which is covered in a dark blue satin ribbon. We've used covered florist wire to form a cross bar above for the crown, and have fixed the points where they cross with a double bow in red organza ribbon.

All of the visible space of the oasis has been filled with white Daisy Crysanthemums. We made four red organza ribbon bows, and four blue organza ribbon bows each on a twist of florist wire. The Small Person slotted these in between the flowers all around the sides.

To finish the whole thing off, I cut some more of the mirror mosaics left over from the crown decorating, but in double width strips. They are self adhesive so the Small Person stuck these over the top of the wire. I think she's done a rather lovely job!

We had a few flowers left over, so we tied them with some left over ribbon and took them around to Grandma.

The Small Person's mini portrait of the Queen is, as always, very good. Such a little artist! We just need to take them down to Church tomorrow morning before we go to dancing.

We've also been busy scarecrow building and Mr Bogert has been baking brownies to be sold with other refreshments at The Old Rectory.

I'll be showing you more from the weekend event throughout the next week, including our super duper fantastic scarecrows, and the Toddler Group Flower arrangment put together by Kathryn. It's going to be a busy weekend!

(Also, this morning we had a check-up for the Smaller Person following his hypospadias repair last October. The plastic surgeon has given the all clear, we don't need to go back again unless a problem arises!  Yay!)

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