Monday, 4 June 2012

Kenilworth Show - Homecraft Section

As you saw from my previous post, the Small People and I went to the Kenilworth Show at the NAC in Stoneleigh. We had a great time. We saw the vintage cars, the animals, crafts and stalls (where we bought yummy fudge!)

There was a sheep shearing tent and a lady has spun yarn and knitted animals to sell. You can find Linda and her lovely knitted creations over at 'Knitted Creatures.' They were lovely. The ferrets reminded me of my Mum and her partner's ferrets. There was also a stall selling wonderfully handknitted dolls clothes and blankets. Now, I've seen plenty of knitted clothing creations at various fairs and other places, but these were unlike any I'd seen before - serious handicraft and lovliness. Had I have had a bit more cash, I may have treated the Small Person to something special. You can find them over at Handknitted Dolls Clothes.

We saw the pony and carts, the motorbike display, the terrier racing and caught a few bits of the farm machinery, vintage car and livestock displays in the main arena. We had yummy pork sausage batches and the kids had ice cream.

My mother in law came along with us at the start, and later on after she had gone home, we met up with my Mum and her partner, Brian.

Both the Small Person and my Mum had entered items into various sections of the homecraft competitions. (Think Kirstie Allsopp's 'Homemade Britain')

My Mum entered a coffee sponge cake, 2m of Jubilee bunting, some Damson Gin and Blackberry Brandy and a framed cross stitch of a rose. Unfortunately, she didn't place with any of these which is a shame.

She did however win 3rd place with 1 of the 2 photographs she entered into the 'Over the Fence' photography category, and 2nd place with her flower arrangement for the 'Toast' themed category. Well done Mum!

The Small Person, as I said in this post here, entered into 3 of the children's categories: a decorated handmade crown, a flag on a stick for Jubilee and a paper plate face.

When we went to the tent after they had been judged, it took us a while to find each one, but look how she did:

I know! She did fantastically! She's on a serious winning streak. I'm very proud of her, and she's signed up for next year already. She got £1 for each of her 3rd place winners, and £2 for hr 2nd place winner, as well as the winners card and rossette for each. She's going to take them into school after half term (along with her art trophy).

Here she is with her creations, winners card and rossette, and also images of the other work which came 1st  2nd and 3rd in the same categories:

Comments read: "Good face"

Comments read: "A very Royal crown!"

Comments read: "Well done. Love the glitter ribbon on the stick."

(sorry quite a few of these are the wrong way around, I just haven't got around to putting htem right, but you get the idea!) She didn't get enough points for a trophy, but she thinks she'll just try harder next year! (Each placing attracts a certain number of points, then there are trophies for the most point in division and in certain classes etc).

Hope you're enjoying the Jubilee break if you're in the UK.

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