Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Jubilee Family Fun

Just before I tell you all about our extended Jubilee weekend I just wanted to let you know, Mrs Woo is having a give-away of a fab magazine. Head on over for a chance to win!

So, after all of the excitement from the St Barnabus Church Art Competition and the the NAC Kenilworth Show, we still had three days left to enjoy ourselves as a family - they joy of an extra long Bank Holiday weekend!

On Sunday we went to my Cousin's baby boy's Christening at our Village Church with a little tea party at the British Legion Club afterwards.

My sister doesn't sew much and only occasionally makes cards or other papercraft things, (she's perfectly capable but I guess just doesn't get much time), but she does bake quite often. Great for us because she's always dropping samples around to various family houses. (We all live so close together, it would be rude not to! ; D) She baked and decorated some cupcakes for the Christening.

Unfortunately, we had to leave quite early. I still had my assignment to finish for U214 (Linguistics Open University Course) which was 1500 words and, at this point in the day, I had a reasonably detailed plan, but no actual essay yet! I sent myself to my bedroom to finish it, whilst Mr Bogert and the Small People watched The Smurfs Movie and ate all of the fudge up that we bought from the Kenilworth Show.

Monday, the sun was shining which was great as we had planned to visit Kenilworth Castle. We have Heritage passes and as Kenilworth Castle is an English Heritage site we get in for free all year round. They had a special 'Royal Weekend' for the Jubilee.

The Small People went dressed up as Royals. I used Alexandra's costume from the Jubilee tea party at school with a large Union Jack flag for a cape, and Zachary wore a knight's tabbard that I made for Alexandra way back in 2007.

The Small People completed a Royal Trail had loads of fun running around and eating ice cream.

The Small Person had a go on the archery

and the jousting

and then Mr Bogert made up half of Team Newman for the Royal Top Trumps game.

To top it all off, Alexandra was awarded best fancy dress costume by the staff. She won an Usborne Kings and Queens sticker book and a giant lollipop.

We didn't even realise there was a fancy dress competition, so that was pretty good going. With the Small Person on such a long winning streak, we are giving serious consideration to her picking our lottery numbers!

We recieved a last minute email invitation for a Jubilee breakfast at the pub at the end of our road. Mr Bogert is on the Parish Council with the landlord and he helps on the events committee with the landlord and landlady. It was lovely. There was a long table laid out with rerd white and blue and flags. We all had a full English breakfast and Bucks Fizz (or 3!) and orange juice for the Small People. We sat and watched the start of the thanksgiving ceremony at Westminster Abbey of the big screen there with the few other neighbours who were invited. I really wish we could have stayed all the way through, but we had accepted an invitation to a Jubilee tea party for the kids with friends.

The Jubilee tea party was good too though. We rarely seem to have time to see our friends the older we get. We're all busy with work, children and other commitments. We took bits of food and dressed in red, white and blue (well, most of us did) and just had a brilliant catch up and the kids got to play with each other and get the many many toys out. Poor Becky was forever picking things up!

I really wish we had four more days to do things, it went too quickly (and it didn't help that I had TMA03 of my course hanging over my head for half of the time!). Mr Bogert went back to work today, but I do still have the Small People at home with me because of half term.

I hope you all had a great weekend are those in the UK are enjoying the half term break!

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