Sunday, 24 June 2012

Church Flower Festival

The Flower Festival is finally here after all the preparation by many different people. I thought I'd share some of the lovely arrangements with you. (All proceeds from the weekend go to the Parish Church).

Village Hall Flowers

Baginton Songsters Flowers

Lucy Price Lunch Group Flowers

Sunday School Display

The Small Person's Flowers on Display

Coffee Circle Flowers

Women's Institute Flowers

Church Choir Flowers

Friendly Club Flowers

Church Donations

British Legion Flowers

Parish Council Flowers

Art Club Flowers
I also wanted to show off the lovely flower arrangement created by Kathryn, one of our Toddler Group Mums, to be displayed in the Church as Todler Groups contribution. Don't the children's creations we made over the last couple of weeks look wonderful?

Just like a wonderful little fairy cove :)

The Smaller Person's Flower Fairy
You can find previous displays here and here.


  1. I seriously can not get enough jubilee stuff! more flags! more flags! The more union jacks the better! Matilda agrees! She as a few that she plays with...not to worry, an American flag too! She may have to be on a color guard!

  2. You'll love the Royal scarecrows then! I'll be posting about them over the next few days.