Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Toddler Group Tuesday

This week's craft follows on from last week when we made paper flowers, and both todays and last weeks crafts will be displayed with our flower arrangement in the Church this weekend during their flower festival and as part of the Village Open Gardens and Scarecrow Trail event.

One of the lovely Mums that attends the group with her son, has organised these crafts and will be creating this years flower arrangement too.

Today we made Flower Fairies.

You will need:
- a wooden clothes peg
- glue
- fabric and ribbon scraps
- 2 pipe cleaners
- glitter
- pretty paper/card (we've used holographic wrapping paper)

First of all take some ribbon or fabric and glue it around the peg.

Next, take one of the pipe cleaners and wrap it around the peg, on top of the fabric, lower than the 'neck' of the peg, twisting it at the back to secure. These will be your fairy arms.

Twist at the back.
Bend the arms into shape.

Take the second pipe cleaner and twist this around the 'neck' twisting at the back again.

Twist at the back again.
Point the ends of this pipe cleaner up behind the 'head' and curl the ends into shape.

Fold your pretty paper or card in half and cut a wing shape, similar to a butterfly, making the widest point roughly the same length as the peg.

Open your wings out and glue along the centre fold. Press this glued area to the back of the peg.

Glue and glitter as much as you like! The very last thing to do is add a lovely little face.

All done!

You could make all sorts of variations: you could cut fabric petal shapes to be attached as a skirt, you could make mini wands from matchsticks and sequins, you could add extra decoration such as pressed or paper flowers, yarn hair, cardboard or wire crowns. Every single fairy can be very different. I'd love to see some of your creations. Please leave a comment or a link if you make your own fairy!

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