Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Scarecrow Trail

On Saturday, as we made our way around the open gardens, we also got to enjoy discovering all of the scarecrows dotted about.

Just look at all of these that the villagers made for the weekend's event!

Olympic Torch handover.

Repair job.

Mowing the lawn.

Humpty Dumpty.

Worse-for-wear England supporter.

HRH The Olympic Footballer.

The Hulk, a defeated Superman and scared to fight Spiderman.

Robed Queen and raincoat Queen.

Viking and his ship.

a "Grumpy Old Man" - this was actually made by my Dad and features my Uncle's clothes and face! I don't know if he saaw it or not!

"The Royal Flush" - also made by my Dad for the British Legion Club.

Kermit (with Olympic Torch) and Miss Piggy - Made by my Dad's partner, Karen.

Elvis - Not sure if this was my Dad or Karen or perhaps a joint effort...

Bonnie and Clyde.

We also stopped off at The Old Rectory for tea and homemade cake :)

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