Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Tooth Fairy

Last week (Thursday) my lovely little Small Person came home with a gappy smile and a teeny tiny shiny tooth in a dinner money envelope. Her first big tooth is already showing in the gap. She really is getting too big too fast.

I had promised her the last time we went to the dentist and he said that within the next 6 months her first tooth would come out, that I would make her a special pouch to put her tooth in for the Tooth Fairy to collect. Big fat fail on the Mummy side. (although there was some discussion that the Tooth Fairy may not be able to visit on health and safety grounds on account of the Small People's room being a general hazzard to all who enter).

FINALLY, yesterday I made it for her to her own design specifications (shape, colour and decor).

She was so excited to hang her tooth out last night.

It is made from felt and embroidery floss. If I had more time I would have lined it so that you can't see all the nasty stitching inside the flap, I still could before her next tooth falls out. It is fastened with a press stud, and hangs by a satin ribbon.

I happen to know for a fact that the Tooth Fairy almost forgot to call at our house last night. She'd actually finished all of her jobs for the night, got home and was in bed when she remembered she had a new child added to her calling list.

She did exchange the tooth for a shiny £1 coin, and left a teeny tiny little letter (which had some fairy dust residue on) written in teeny tiny little writing. The Small Person's Tooth Fairy is named Annabelle. I wonder what the names of all the other Tooth Fairies are?

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