Monday, 18 June 2012

Fathers' Day Cards

This last week we got down to a little card craft in the Wishes house ready to show all the Daddy-types in our lives how much we love them.
We made a few more variations of the shirt card we made at Toddler Group. The Small Person made one for her Grandad (my Dad)

The Smaller Person made one for his Grandpa (my Grandad)

and this mini square version for his Grandad (my Dad).

Then the Small Person designed and made her own Fathers' Day card for her Grandpa (my Grandad)

She used a small white square card and a pink pipe cleaner which she formed into a fluffy heart and glued to the centre of the card.

The Smaller Person had made Mr Bogert's card when we were at Toddler Group (he also made a second card which was going to be for either Grandad or Grandpa, but I got confused and gave it to Mr Bogert by mistake, so Mr Bogert had 2 cards from the Smaller Person and we had to make another card! Ooops!)

The Small Person made a card from my Pinterest all by her little self for Mr Bogert

She has used some blue checked scrapbook paper, drawn around her hands and cut them out. She has used a red pencil to write 'I' and 'You' and glued a felt heart between (I love you) and then stuck the 2 hand shapes together with a strip of concertina folded paper. She used the red pencil again to write 'This much' across the strip with a heart tipped arrow pointing in both directions across the strip. She did a great job without any Mummy interference.

They also did some papercraft at school for Fathers' Day. On Friday, she brought home a little hand coloured paper basket filled with colourful tissue paper and a cheese scone that she had baked at school.

What a sweet little note! And I do believe this is a portrait of Mr Bogert and his 'cool' hair. Yep, that definitely looks like my hubby :)

I also used a little Pinterest inspiration for my Father's Day card for my Dad.  This is my version.

And then that gave me the idea for this card for my Grandad

I have used a small textured white square card blank, a set of 'Studio g' alphabet stamps, some glue and a piece of black craft foam for the tie.

The Small People bought Mr Bogert a pair of new shoes that are sort of semi-casual. They're a bit smarter than his Animal trainers or running trainers, but not too smart like his work shoes.

We made chocolate brownie bites for my Grandad and Dad, which we wrapped in parchment paper and tied up with a thin blue ribbon.

The Small Person and Grandpa

The Smaller Person and Grandad

Poor Mr Bogert didn't get his usual breakfast in bed :( He had to drive me for a bridesmaid dress fitting, but he did get a full breakfast when we got back at 12pm! Mushrooms, Sausages and all the works. He played modelling dough creations with the Small People and we watched 'Look Who's Talking Too' - I'd forgotten I quite like that movie - followed by 'Getting Even With Dad'. I think he had a nice day, I HOPE he had a nice day, so long as he knows we think he's the most awesome Daddy ever!

I hope you all had a lovely Father's Day.

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