Saturday, 10 December 2011

Christmas Countdown - 10

You'll have to forgive us  because we didn't have a movie again today, but we have been VERY busy.

Alexandra mised out on dancing because of the excitment and trip to A&E last night, but after all that, she seems absolutely fine. Even the swelling has gone down. She would probably have been OK at dance.

It was the village Children's Christmas Party at 11am, so both of the Small People went. Uncle Mick was there to entertain them as usual. Zack just wandered around being nosey, Alexandra made sure was right at the front for of the games and dancing.

Uncle Mick finished up and kids had their tea party.

Please note the carrot on Zack's shoulder. This was after 2 grapes were rescued from the back of his collar.
After the tea party, Santa came to hand out presents to each child. The Small Person got a bindit beads set (like aquabeads), and the Smaller Person got a tub of Duplo bricks.

I met up with an old school friend for a couple of hours for a drink and chat around 5ish and we got fish and chips on the way home for family tea. That's why no movie - no time!
Today's activity is: Decorating the tree and taking our Christmas portraits.

Mr Bogert and the Small Person took charge of the tree decorating, and a very fine job they did too. I think Mr Bogert feels better now, because he's been desperate to get the decorations up!

Every Christmas we have a family portrait and we use this on our Christmas cards. This seems to be a popular thing in the states, but definitely not so much over here. We like to though because we send out to family we don't get to see much of. (Even though most are only between 1-2 hours away). So this year we have a fairy light back drop, we usually use the tree, but it's nice to have a change, and to be honest, the four of us are getting too big to fit in front of our tree!

We just couldn't persuade him to part with his milk!

This is the final family one for our cards:

Just got to get the prints done and then send them off.

Only 15 sleeps 'til Christmas!

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