Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas Countdown - 19

Today's movie is: Jingle All The Way (chosen by moi).

We skipped and activity in favour just relaxing and doing our own thing. We had a VERY busy day of Christmas shopping (I think we're all done - apart from the one shop I forgot all about and will have to pop back to!).

The Small Person played her Leappad Explorer (her birthday present), Mr Bogert was doing Something on his laptop, The Smaller Person ran round and round and round and round..... (you get the picture), and I started 3 new stocking for some very special children who will be celebrating their very first Christmas this year! (Pictures later in the week).

The Smaller Person also spent his very first night in his room with his big Sister. We intended to move him out of our room when he was 6 months old, just like we did with the Small Person, but when they are going into a room with an older sibling, it becomes difficult. For one thing we could never get her to settle down at bed time (still can't - takes hours!) and for another, she is like hurricane Ali. She just has to walk through the room and devastation is left in her wake, sometimes as deep as to your ankles! But, he's finally in there. Not too sure how well it's going to work out because one big stumbling block we already have is, he likes the dark, she's scared of the dark and has a night light. He does not like the night light for sleeping. It is good for playing though it would seem...
Hope you're all starting to feel very festive!

Only 6 sleeps 'til Christmas!

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