Thursday, 8 December 2011

Christmas Countdown - 8

Today's Movie is: The Hogfather - Part 2 (followed on from last night).

Today's activity is: Paper Strip Christmas Tree Pictures.

You will need:
- card or paper as a base
- glue
- various green coloured papers
- gold star stickers/gummed paper shapes
- brown paper/felt or similar

Cut the green papers into strips, about 1" wide, of varying lengths.

Cut the brown paper/felt or whatever you are using into fatter shorter rectangles all the same size. These will form your trunk.

Glue your trunk to your base.

Glue strips of the green paper horizontally from the base of the trunk working upwards, using shorter lengths each time to form a triangular tree shape.

Alexandra also added some baubles using a metallic marker.

Fix your star to the top.

All finished!

This is such a simple craft that can be completed quite quickly. It would work well for Christmas cards, or by using thinner and shorter strips, for gift tags. A lovely Christmas decoupage plaque could be created by using a piece of wood as a base, and then making sure to cover the whole picture with glue or varnish to fix and protect.

Older children who have some sewing skills could make a simple Christmas cushion cover using this tree design. Simply cut the strips from coloured fabrics and sew in place on a pre-made cushion cover with a running stitch. (if you use non-fray fabric the edges can be left raw, if the fabric is likely to fray, help them out with a little fray-check or by turning the edges under using an iron so they are ready for the kids to sew).

Alexandra's version was made as a card just for Daddy.

Well worth the reward I think :)

Only 17 sleeps 'til Christmas!

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