Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Christmas Countdown - 14

Today's movie is: The Santa Clause 2 (following on from the Small Person's selection yesterday)

Today's activity is: Modelling clay Candy Canes

You will need:
- red modelling clay (we have used the oven bake kind)
- white modelling clay
- Optional jewelry pendant eye (we didn't have any, so haven't used them)

First take a small amount of your red clay, work to soften, then roll out as a long thin sausage.

Repeat with the white clay.

Lay the 2 coloured sausages side by side and gently push them together so that they stick to each other but without flattening either.

Gently twist from one end until it forms a spiral of the 2 colours.

Roll the twisted clay against a flat surface to flatten some of the ridges.

Cut to desired length and manipulate into a hook shape.

If you are using the eyelet (for threading ribbon to hang) push into the top now.

Allow to dry or bake as the packaging instructs.

All finished!

Other options would be to varnish afterwards, and perhaps even add some glitter. If you have created candy canes with eyelets, thread a thin ribbon through and tie to form a loop. You could also tie a small bow as extra decoration or add little fabric flowers at the top using glue.

These can be hung from the tree, hung on gifts with tags (if you flatten them slightly before they set, you could glue the flat side to a tag), threaded on a long ribbon as a garland, or tied to napkins etc for christmas dinner. This is such a quick and easy craft.

Only 11 sleeps 'til Christmas!

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