Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas Countdown - 21

We didn't watch a movie tonight because Mr Bogert had a photoshoot at the theatre and we didn't want to watch it without him.

The Small Person had a friend's birthday party to go to at an indoor play centre just down the road from us: Jam Jam Boomerang. It was 4-6pm. We took the Smaller Person along and paid for him to have a seperate play session. It was sooooo funny! He just didn't stop! He loved every minute of it and he played for the full 2 hours. By the time the party was finished and it was time to come home, his hair was soaked with sweat from the effort he put in running around and climbing! He completely tired himself out!

At home he had a bath and went straight to bed - early. And, do you know what? He went right to sleep. I've told Mr Bogert, we need to build one of those in the back garden if it makes bedtime this easy!

So with Mr Bogert of picture taking and the Smaller Person fast asleep, The Small Person and I watched "Kirstie's Homemade Christmas" (both episodes)  and did our activity.

Our activity was to decorate the Small Person's special tree with all of the decoartions she has been given since she was born. There's some very special and individual ornaments on her tree. Some of the ornamnets were bought in the first couple of years of having the tree to fill it out a little, just like we did with the Smaller Person's tree last year, but there are only 6 truly special ornaments on her tree, and the 7th will join it on Christmas Eve.

We also ate pancakes which deserves a special mention in itself, especially seeing as one of the first things she did this morning was taunt her poor Daddy with the fact!

My genius (if boring) plan for once she had gone to bed was to do some study for EA300, my Children's Literature course I'm am doing with the Open University as part of my degree, and have a look through my new course books that have just arrived for U214 which I start in February. That didn't happen. I made a cu of tea, sorted gifts and wrapped everything apart from the Small People's gifts whilst watching "It's a Wonderful Life". Before I knew, it was gone 11pm and Mr Bogert was home.

I felt guilty and read my U214 course guide in bed. There, I've done something studious!

Nearly here...

Only 4 sleeps 'til Christmas!

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