Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Christmas Countdown - 6

We need sacking. Today's movie was cancelled due to bad Mummy.

The small person's school nativity is this Friday and her costume needed to be in school this Monday. Well, I've just spent a few hours cutting and pinning whilst my nan sewed on my instructions to get a Mary costume done in time to send in tomorrow. 2 days late. So the movie was cancelled :(

There just wasn't time before baths and bed. (I'll post pics and info of the Mary costume when we've been to the Nativity).

Today's activity is: Snowman Ornament (found here via Activity Mom - number 5) Which we also didn't do tonight, but we did do at toddler group today. So this is also combined Toddler Group Tuesday :)

You will need:
- a lollipop stick or a tongue depresser for a larger version
- white paint
- glue
- some buttons
- a black pen
- black and orange felt of craft foam
- a favourite colour felt
- a lnegth of ribbon

First paint the lollipop stick/tongue depresser white all over and allow to dry.

Create a loop with the ribbon (for a tree hanger) and glue the ends to the top of your stick.

Cut a hat shape from the black felt/foam and glue to cover where the ribbon ends are stuck.

cut a strip from the favourite coloured felt to create a scarf. It needs to be around 1-2cm thick (use your won judgement as to what looks best) and long enough to wrap around the stick with hanging ends. You can also repeatedly snip into the ends to create fringes but this is not essenital.

Now add the face details with the black pen.

Cut a small triangle from the orange felt/foam and glue in place as a carrot nose.

Glue buttons down your snowmans front. These could be changed for craft pom poms if you like.

All finished!

The small person's snowman with added 'snow' painted on his hat and scarf (before buttons were added down his front).
For toddler group, because we don't have time to let paint dry, we used glue and white tissue paper pieces instead. Another option would have been to pre-paint them for the kids, but I think the more they get tto stick/paint themselves the better! We also switched out the buttons for tiny craft foam circles punched using an oridnairy hole punch. This is for 2 reasons: 1- Todler group does not have a button stash, 2 - try as I might, I couldn't persuade myself to part with my precious buttons :)

(Sorry I don't have any more pictures of the snowman in progress, the camera battery ran out - it has been well used lately!)

Only 19 sleeps 'til Christmas!

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